“Be Ready!” Valley’s Football Field is New and Improved!

Valleys refurbished football field almost ready for upcoming season!

Valley’s refurbished football field almost ready for upcoming season!

Kahleia Corpuz, Contributing Writer

Are you missing the exhilarating feeling of cheering for Valley’s teams? While sports’ seasons may have been cut short due to COVID-19, Valley High School is taking this opportunity to make some big renovations to the football field. During the day, the field is used for a variety of physical education classes. After the school day, various sports teams make the field their own. With all the students the field is exposed to, it is amazing that the field has held up as long as it is. 

Valley’s new and improved football field being prepared for the upcoming season.

However, the field is well overdue for a makeover. This fact was brought to light after the district performed a concussion test on high schools whose fields were built around the same time. The test is made to test how hard the terrain is and how easily items can bounce, which is important to the players’ safety. None of the schools’ fields that were tested passed the test. 

Valley is always concerned with student safety, and they constantly work to ensure that. Therefore, the field definitely needed a change. Originally, the field was made up of synthetic material filled with grainy rubber pellets. Now, the field is still going to be composed of synthetic material, but it is synthetic material filled with cork and coconut husks. Not only is this change environmentally friendly, it is also more durable and keeps the field much cooler. The estimated completion date for the field is June 11th. 

Valley’s end zone on the refurbished football field.

The field is not the only revamp you are going to see in that area! The lights that once illuminated the area are now being switched out for LED lights, keeping in with the theme of being more environmentally friendly. Unlike the field, the lights are already done and ready for the next season of Valley sports!

“We want all Valley students to be proud of something, and the design we came up with is something that Valley students can be proud of,” boasts Assistant Principal Phillip Marsh, adding, “We are excited to have everyone watch sports on the field.” 

Even though they cannot practice on this field just yet, flag football and football are taking this time to make sure they can hit the ground running when sports seasons start back up. Their dedication to the sport and their hard work will not go to waste for these players!

Isabel Hurtado, Junior Varsity Flag Football player, can attest to her teams’ dedication, saying, “Not only will we have these regular practices for this season but most girls are taking this time to condition; we will also have preseason practices together to ensure our goal is made.”

Despite the change of fields, Valley High School hopes that Vikings, sport aficionados, and parents alike will still be able to cheer for their teams! 

To all opposing sports teams, Varsity Football player Devin Hicks has a message for them, “Be ready!”