Valley’s Plumbing Renovation: a Much-Needed Fix


Deteriorating plumbing parts being replaced at Valley.

Kahleia Corpuz, Contributing Writer

CAUTION: BIG CHANGES AHEAD! While the closure of the school may have canceled classes and school events, the closure has opened the doors to a multitude of school improvement ventures. Along with the football field, the plumbing system, the bane of Valley High School, is getting renovated as well! 

The plumbing system is about as old at the school, meaning that the pipes are over half a century old. While those pipes may have sufficed for the first decade, in its fifth decade, it has caused various inconveniences. The toilets became unoperational for long periods of time. One of the toilets in the 400s hallway became so backed up that it leaked into the surrounding room. 

Many Valley students and staff can properly recall more experiences related to the plumbing. An anonymous source has even stated, “A t-shirt was flushed down the toilet at one point.”

This plumbing system was just not holding up to the test of time. While various attempts to fix it have occured, they were merely temporary solutions, bandages to a more severe issue. One of those attempts to fix the issue was done in December of 2018, where they were trying to replace the pipes leading to the 200s hallway’s bathrooms, uprooting two classrooms. Those classes were forced to relocate to different classrooms during the maintenance period. However, this fix only solved the issue of the 200s bathrooms, and the rest of the plumbing in the school was still in pretty bad shape. 

One of teachers, John Bence, expressed his frustration with the recurring issue, “Because of its age, Valley’s facility will need constant maintenance and repair, which is more of a headache for administration and maintenance than anyone else. Remember that they are inconvenienced just like faculty and students, but they have to fix the problem.” 

Valley administration knew something had to change. With the school district’s allowance, Valley was able to start on changing the plumbing. A month before the closure, plumbers came into the school at night to assess the issue. Due to the closure, these plumbers can now come in during the day to work without worrying about disrupting the school environment. 

The cast-iron piping of the old plumbing system is now being replaced with more durable piping. Inside the piping as well, they are being lined to protect against erosion. With these changes, the plumbing system will hopefully last longer and not cause as many issues as before. 

So what does Valley hope to gain from this? Well, hopefully, students will be able to go to the bathroom without having to worry if the fixtures are working properly or if the hallway is going to be flooded that day. 

Assistant Principal Phillip Marsh puts it best, “The intended result is students and staff with working plumbing they deserve. This is their home too. They deserve a lot more than what we got in previous years. We just want to make sure they get what they deserve.”