Scrimmages and a Showcase Start and End Boys Volleyball Season


Boys Volleyball team with Head Coach Tarina Elliott at Volleyball Showcase.

Thor's Hammer Staff

Boys Volleyball started the season with two scrimmages and a showcase, by invite only, to prepare for the canceled 2020 spring season.  Led by Head Coach Tarina Elliott, the boys were able to work with gold-medalists and champions at the showcase to improve their skills.

The team scrimmaged with both Clark and Eldorado high schools where all three teams played.  

Boys Volleyball Team at Showcase.

“Our B team did great and were learning quickly,” Elliott said.  “JV had so much potential and got rotations down well. Our Varsity squad in the scrimmage even though we didn’t “technically” keep score did win some of the timed scrimmages. The varsity was a talented bunch and for sure had a shot at playoffs!”

The varsity team had many stand-out players, among them senior Colin Lindo, who is looking at college opportunities to play volleyball at the next level.  Professional AVP Beach Player Casey Jennings worked with Lindo at the showcase and is writing him an endorsement letter for colleges.

“Colin played all the way around as a hitter and blocker in the front row and a setter/digger from the back row. He was so versatile and really has such a love for the game,” Elliott explained.

Two juniors, Josiah Marrero and Kobe Chamorro, were also stand-out players who will be returning to Valley’s team next year.  

“In the off season, Marrero practiced to become a setter so he could also play all the way around on the court as a hitter, blocker, and setter,” Elliott said.  “Chamarro just has so much talent, and he is a key player on offense and defense. His skills would have definitely been huge for our season,” Elliott added.

Boys Volleyball Team at Showcase.

Since the season ended so abruptly, Elliott feels that off-season training will be key for future success.  

“We have a lot of returners but now without the experience of this year, we really need to work hard out of season to be ready!” Elliott explained.  She wants her underclassman to know that “Moving forward is all we can do, but off season making yourself better is crucial in being successful in the end.”

“I just want to tell everyone to keep grinding and don’t stop working. We will be back soon as a team!” Marrero added, looking toward his senior year.

For senior Colin Lindo, Elliott said, “don’t focus on what was lost from this year but focus more on what you can do to gain and make yourself better. As far as volleyball goes, the road doesn’t have to be over as long as you work hard to get where you want to be.”