Centeno Going for the Goal


Centeno rallying her team on senior night, October 21, 2019.

Kahleia Corpuz, 2020-21 Editor in Chief

Going for the goal! Many of Valley’s student athletes have jumped through leaps and bounds to get to go to college with sports scholarships. One of these athletes is Valley’s Varsity Girls Soccer Goalkeeper, Sasha Centeno. 

Centeno honored on senior night, October 21, 2019.

Centeno has recently received a sports scholarship at a value of $2,400 dollars with another scholarship whose value is to be decided. She believes that this stellar accomplishment is due to her overwhelming potential and hard work for the sport. However, this accomplishment was not an easy one. Throughout her athletic career, she would endure various injuries that would put her out of the game for weeks at a time. Despite these difficult moments, Centeno persevered!

Her recent accomplishment was no surprise to her team nor her coach. Centeno’s teammates and mentor describe her as an amazing leader, great team player, and role model to her team. 

Teammate Guadalupe Fonseca reflects on her time with Centeno: “Whether it’s a victory or a loss, Sasha remains humble and nice with the other team and with us as well. Yes, we want to win, but it’s also a sport where we learn new things day by day, and with a teammate like her, we sure did learn a lot.”  

Centeno’s influence on her team is not only remarkable, but her influence on their coach is not something to look past either. 

“As a coach, I think my main role was just encouraging her; she did all the hard work,” soccer coach Nicholas Booker remarked, adding a final message to Centeno, “Sasha, this is just the beginning. I look forward to all the lessons that you will be learning, and if you need help, I am here and have your back.”

When players have a team and a coach who talk about them so fondly, it is no wonder that Centeno received this award! She plans on signing off with College of Southern Nevada to become their new goalkeeper. She remarks that the choice was an easy one to make as CSN has a team who are more like family and a great criminal justice program to boot! 

Centeno’s final message to any aspiring student striving for the chance to do what she did is one to remember.

“I hope that they remember that no matter what changes we have to go through, you can always achieve anything you set your mind to.”