Valley’s Bathrooms Revamped

Valley's Bathrooms Revamped

Bobby Degeratu, Writer

As students prepare for the start of the school year, some may already be looking to the future and an eventual return to the Valley High School campus–but not everything will be as students remembered it.

“Change is the only constant in life,” said Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Assistant Principal Philip Marsh had plenty of insight to give regarding a very positive and essential project that has been underway at Valley. It is a new change that will surely be welcomed with open arms when students return to campus–bathroom renovations.

“Ms. Esparza and I know that there have been issues with the plumbing,” he said, “and we received lots of letters with kids talking about their positive experiences at Valley, yet there was always that ‘but’ statement including issues with drinking fountains or toilets.”

When asked about what led to the decision to start renovating the bathrooms, Marsh explained it was something born out of student feedback and the desire to improve that element of the school for everyone. Consultation was an essential part of the process to weigh the possibilities, before later sending the proposal forward to all of the necessary parties.

…It’s a lot of people’s second home, and we wanted to do something to make Valley feel like a home we can be proud of and get something that we all deserve.”

— Marsh

“We talked to the kids and our staff about being a family at Valley. It’s a lot of people’s second home, and we wanted to do something to make Valley feel like a home we can be proud of and get something that we all deserve. We worked with higher ups in the district; there was a month-long inspection, and after that, the company took their findings to the school district, and we got the big project started,” said the assistant principal.

Having previously reported on plumbing renovations back in May, the process is currently in the finishing phase of the initial fixes, according to Assistant Principal Marsh. Through this process, a new project actually came to light, prompting further positive improvements for the school.

“We are getting full renovations of the bathrooms on the top and bottom of the ramp, and the cafeteria bathrooms–floor to ceiling. They should be done in the next five weeks,” Marsh said.

Progress has also been evident, as Marsh mentioned that the company always took pictures of every step in their process, both above and below ground, to make comparisons and really “prove” that the fixes were thorough.
“There is a silver lining to everything and distance education,” said Marsh, in regards to the topic of the new bathrooms. “This company can come in and not have to worry about being careful which bathrooms they can close or open due to student access.”

Even the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can be felt with these new renovations, at least in part.

“Once you guys come back, not only are those four bathrooms completely rehabbed with new fixtures and toilets and everything that works, but the five urinals in the boys’ restroom will be cut down to four, which gives a little bit of space for social distancing and privacy.”

It’s all about you guys having something that you are proud of and deserve.”

— Marsh

The students are at the forefront of this major project, which Marsh made sure to reiterate throughout his breakdown of the changes.

“It’s all about you guys having something that you are proud of and deserve. You have enough to worry about, and worrying if the bathrooms are open or if the toilet will flush should not be a concern.”

What can Vikings look forward to in the future? While there is a lot of uncertainty in this time, Marsh gave a couple of projects to look forward to.

“We really want to do something nice out in the horseshoe,” he said, “a place for people to go and hang out whether it is before school, after school, or during an off period. We don’t want to make it a wasted space.”

Following the newly-redone football field, the possibility of getting a new football scoreboard has been thrown around. Remember that these projects are still up in the air; however, future improvements to our school are on the drawing board.