CCSD Compromised

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

On August 27th, 2020, Clark County School District encountered a security breach with their internal data.

“CCSD wants to assure you that the privacy and security of information is one of your top priorities,” said CCSD in the email sent out about the incident.

While many may fear about their information, CCSD has reassured parents, staff, and students that they are actively investigating the matter.

“We are currently working with our local and federal authorities to assess the full impact and will hold those responsible accountable,” said the school district.

While the situation is still ongoing, it appears to not have impacted distance learning. Distance learning will continue while the investigation is happening. However, many remain hopeful that CCSD will resolve this issue in a fast and professional manner.

“With true distance education happening this school year where every student is working online utilizing many services such as Canvas, it comes to no surprise that many services have been down for its users and that incidents such as the latest data breach have come about,” said government teacher Vince Bognot. “I feel that CCSD is doing their best with their initial investigations as they have sought both local and federal assistance with the matter and were quick to resolve the issue.”

Rest assured, CCSD is taking this breach seriously, and they promise to update the district with more information as their investigation progresses.