Sports Course of Action

Angelique Esparza, Sports Editor

Many student athletes have been wondering what will happen for sports this year. Some students think it will be canceled and others are hoping there will be a season.

“I believe that our state and school district decision to move all sports to the spring was really the safest and best decision for kids,” Assistant Principal over athletics Thomas Smith said. “If we don’t feel it’s safe enough for school to begin in-person, it is definitely not safe for all sports to take place.”

Sergio Segura, the cross country coach, also agrees with Smith.

“I think that the decisions made for high school sports were made in the best health interest of our student-athletes,” Segura said.

Student athletes have also been greatly affected by sports being canceled with no season to put their efforts toward.

“Personally I don’t like that sports are canceled. I miss it so much, but I understand why they canceled sports,” 10th grade student athlete Ahtziry Alcocer said.

Students miss the thrill of running up and down a field or working until drenched with well-earned sweat.

“Well, the main thing I miss about sports is competing. With sports being canceled, it’s going to put a strain on some of the kids who only came to school to play sports because with them it’s the only reason they have to keep their grades up,” student athlete Steven Ramsey said.

If fall sports come back in the spring, their seasons will be shorter.

“There is a possibility that we will be allowed to do sports, and if we do, the seasons will be approximately six weeks long. These sports seasons are too short,” Segura said.

Segura also suggests that students who were in or want to join cross country should fill out or update their registermyathlete.

“As of now, nothing is set in stone, but I cannot express enough that students should be completing their registermyathlete,” Smith said.

The site registermyathlete has dropped the fees to $20 for this year. And, physicals are being waived.

“If you had a physical the previous year, you do not need one,” Smith said. “Let’s do our part to keep the spread of Covid down, wear masks, wash frequently, and avoid large crowds. If we want sports back we have to do our part.”