California Wildfires

Brian Vasquez-Deniz, Assistant Advertising Manager

California is getting hotter by the minute with wildfires and temperatures never seen before.

With the heat getting hotter and hotter, California is the hottest it’s ever been with temperatures above the hundreds. According to CAL Fire, just last month, August, was the hottest in California and with humidity at 81%. These temperatures are so hot and dangerous that they’re causing wildfires all around California. Most of these wildfires have been around the Sacramento and Carson City region with North Complex wildfires burning 247,358 acres of land reported by CAL FIRE on their incidents page.

According to KTLA Channel 5, not only are wildfires causing this, but on Saturday, September 5, a gender reveal party was held at Yucaipa, California, causing 7,300 acres to burn and only 7% of it was contained by September 8. The cause of the wildfire was a pyrotechnic device ignited in four-foot-tall dry grass at E Dorado Ranch Park, thus fireworks were set off.

“The family called 911 to report the fire and shared photos with investigators,” Captain Bennet Milloy of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said to KTLA Channel 5 News.

As greenhouse gasses increase, so does the temperature of California.

“The acceleration of climate impacts has happened faster than even we anticipated,” Alice Hill, the senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relation, said in The New York Times.

While California deals with its wildfires, other states like Nevada have also been affected. According to Elaine Emerson with Fox 5 News, the smoke from the fire can cause breathing problems and damage some water systems. These wildfires have caused some problems in Nevada, too, with air quality dropping and causing fires in Reno. The smoke from California’s wildfires have made dust particles and pollutants that could irritate the respiratory systems. In Southern Nevada, there have been reports of falling ash into the water system causing damage, Fox 5 News, Las Vegas reports.

With these wildfires happening in these outrageous temperatures, Emerson says it’s best to make sure to take precautions as to where a wildfire could happen and be safe.