Up and Coming Makeup Artist: Gian Luca Gasperin


Gian Luca Gasperin

By displaying his adeptness with a makeup brush and a palette, Gasperin hopes his makeup looks will bring more clients to him.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Valley is brimming with students with a variety of passions, but junior Gian Luca Gasperin has turned his passion into a profession.

“I was a young boy that just started to explore social media and came upon Instagram and saw boys wearing makeup,” Gasperin said. “This opened my eyes and made me want to do it myself. It was such a big moment, and it was brought to my full attention! Later on, it became my passion.”

The junior’s love for doing makeup opened the doors for him to truly take his hobby and make it a business.

“I was inspired by all the small businesses online making a brand and selling what they love the most. I didn’t have something to sell, but I did have something to offer, which was doing makeup,” Gasperin said.

This aspiring makeup artist uses a variety of social media to get his brand out and into the world. His videos and photos displayed over his various social media platforms show how skilled Gasperin is with a palette and a brush, hoping to attract new customers.

“As a makeup artist, I focus more on the eyes. I love to bring color and beauty to the eyes. It’s my favorite part, and I dedicate the most time to it,” Gasperin said.

This aspiring makeup artist dazzles his audience with his bold makeup looks. (Gian Luca Gasperin)

While Gasperin’s business may be a small one, there is a lot of love and support behind him.

“My biggest supporter will always be my mother,” Gasperin said. “She bought me my first makeup palette and gave me the freedom of doing what I love.”

Gasperin’s support for individuality and self confidence is something he wishes to share with other small business owners like himself, who are trying to make a name for themselves.

“The number one advice I would give any upcoming artist is not to be afraid to try new things, and be you! The only person who is going to hold yourself back is yourself. You need to have confidence and courage to show the world who you are,” Gasperin said.

With Gasperin’s talent and positivity, he is sure to do great things. If you’re interested in his services, he has one thing to say to any potential client, especially in these trying times.

“If anyone has any questions or wants a booking, direct message me on social media, and I’ll mark you down on my calendar for spots!” Gasperin said. “We are taking every precaution in COVID, cleaning and sanitizing all of my materials to make everything safe.”