AJR: Band of Brothers and Chaos



Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger – the brothers of AJR.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

AJR is an indie pop band of three very talented brothers: Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger. The name of their band is all of their first initials, which helps show a closer family bond. Their music consists of multiple types of genres mainly summed up to the title of electronic but if broken down would be a large mix of pop, doo-wop, electronic, and dubstep.

They spend their time making music in their own living room, building a strong brotherly bond through the power of their music. It is often reflected in their music of their struggles as a family or childhood experiences like Don’t Throw Out My Legos, Netflix Trip, Birthday Party, or Call My Dad.

Quinn Pedrick / AJR

Like they mentioned in I’m Not Famous, they are not necessarily famous, but on their Spotify platform, they have nearly 100,000 fans across the world. A few of their songs are very well-known like their Tik Tok trendy song Bang! that is often used for villain point of views. Not many people commonly know their lesser known music, though, which I personally find to be much better than their songs that have become trends.

They cover sometimes serious and relatable topics through their music. They talk about growing up, relationships, future goals, loss of identity, insecurities, love, and fears. They do not create dance music like most people would associate with the electronic genre they are placed under, but they do create music that could change someone’s entire outlook on life.

One of their more heart-warming songs is Dear Winter, and it is a song that was written for one of the trio’s future kids. I find it so endearing because it is a song about a father wishing more than the world for his child before he has even met the child’s mother.

Their music has very comedic outlooks with sad truths and common lies of life and society in virtually every song.

“Can we keep my legos at home?” Jack sings in Don’t Throw Out My Legos. “‘Cause I wanna move out, I don’t wanna move on.”

The appeal of AJR is that they use stupid yet oddly relatable moments, objects, or concepts to express how they feel about something, whether it is serious or purely random, and the result of well-concocted lyrics and instrumentals always puts me in a lighter mood.