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Angelique Esparza, Sports Editor

Many student athletes have been waiting to hear if there will be any seasons for Valley sports. Some student athletes have been exercising to keep in shape and be ready for when the decision is made. Sergio Segura, Valley’s cross country coach, has given some suggestions on what to do while waiting for the sports seasons.

“My suggestion for student athletes while they are waiting to hear if there will be a season is that they continue exercising,” Segura also said. “The seasons will be approximately six weeks long. These sports seasons are too short, so the athletes will need to be in shape going into their season.”

Student athletes who will be joining or continuing a sport need to exercise and get into shape since there will not be enough time to get student athletes back into shape once the seasons start. Student athletes need to keep track of their time because they need to make sure they are getting their school work done.

To get ready for the season, student athletes should be working out at least three to four times a week. Student athletes need to train for the specific sports that they want to join by practicing new skills, attempting free-throws, throwing passes, and improving their strength and conditioning. Coaches are always open to any questions that may arise with their seasons and will help in any way they can, whether it is exercising or training suggestions.

“On the other hand, if there are no sports,” Segura said, “exercise is great at reducing stress and boosting up the immune system as long as there is proper recovery.”