Raul Cortez: A Cut Above the Rest

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager

Raul Cortez working in his business. (Unknown)

Junior Raul Cortez cuts hair at his own business when not in school.

“I balance school work out by keeping a planner for my schoolwork due dates to stay on track. For my business, I have a weekly schedule that I post on my Instagram story to show my availability; that way my clients can book for a spot,” Cortez said.

Cortez owns a barber business called Ragucuts. He cuts hair and does fades such as low, mid, and high bald fades or any design that the client would want. He also does eyebrow and beard cleanups, cuts with beards, and even offers a pore cleansing peel off mask.

“I started cutting my own hair in eighth grade, which was three years ago, and obviously, they were super bad, but I learned some things and got better at it. Later on, my friends would tell me to cut theirs and other people’s hair and that’s when I started Ragucuts December 6th, 2019,” Cortez said.

Through quarantine, his business has grown with new people going over to Ragucuts to get their hair cut, taking precautions for his clients, so they can have a safe haircut.

Raul Cortez’s business location, Ragucuts. (Raul Cortez)

“Quarantine has brought a lot of new people in since their barbers have either closed or raised prices. In regard to making sure my clients and I are safe, I wear a mask and require masks for haircuts. Also, I spray my clippers down with a disinfectant spray and dip my combs and guards or any other item I used on someone into a jar with disinfecting liquid,” Cortez said.

Cortez is willing to take new people and customers during the year.

“To any student who wants to start their own business, don’t be scared to do it; talk about it with friends and move smart. If you’re interested in getting a haircut, feel free to check out my instagram page @ragucuts and message me,” Cortez said.