Valley Sports

Brian Vasquez-Deniz, Assistant Advertising Manager

Valley sports are coming back next semester in the heat of the moment with all sports being played at the same time.

“All three seasons are scheduled to take place the second semester,” Assistant Principal Thomas Smith said.

With the comeback season of sports, many sports will be played with staff working diligently to keep all athletes and coaches safe. These sports are going to be Soccer, Football, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, and Volleyball: every sport from the fall category. Having all sports being played, many Valley fans will be able to watch different sports happening at different times.

“Each will have a 6 week competitive season. Winter will be the first six weeks, Then fall, then spring,” Smith said

As next year begins, there will be six competitive weeks and a practice week to get the athletes warmed up for the first contest. The restrictions on spectators at sporting events are going to be slightly relaxed but still need to follow the precautions when at a social event following the Nevada phase 2 reopening restrictions.

“Governor Sisolak indicated that his office is working with the leaders of youth sports, the NIAA, and leaders of adult recreational sports regarding restrictions affecting those sports,” Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association members said

Valley athletes will be able to compete again very soon with slight restrictions toward them as the Governor works with the youth leadership to decrease the amount of restrictions by accounting for the safety of the viewers and the athletes. For more information on the athletic department, there will be a virtual town hall meeting discussing the information on the upcoming seasons starting January.

“The athletic department will have a virtual town hall meeting full of information regarding the upcoming seasons starting in January 2021. Dates: October 14, 2020, October 21,2020, October 28, 2020 & November 4, 2020,” Assistant Principal Jennifer Geissinger said.