Sports Plan to Move Forward


Brian Vasquez

Valley High School’s Assistant Principal Thomas Smith presenting the COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming sports season in the first Town Hall meeting for student athletes.

Brian Vasquez-Deniz, Assistant Advertising Manager

Assistant Principal Thomas Smith and Athletics Director Scott Pallay go over information to inform Athletes and parents on the returning sports in several Town Hall meetings spaced weekly through October and November.

The town hall meeting went over information for the athletes and/or parents on what is to come for sports. Scheduling for the seasons that are happening next semester with all sports happening during the same time was discussed. They went over safer practices and COVID-19 protocols to keep the students safe and the spectators from any harm. The meeting also went over transportation and what to expect for the upcoming events for Valley High School sports.

“The register my athlete this year is going to be more important than ever that you get this going,” Pallay said.

The register my athlete site is even more important for student athletes who are transfer students or freshmen because CCSD has to approve their registration to play. The Valley athletes who participated last year will not have to get a physical because they already have it on file, although new athletes or transfer athletes will have to get a new physical to play. The returning athletes will have to submit a form called Form E; Form E evaluates the readiness of the athletes determining whether the student athlete is mentally and physically okay. They will also need an authorization from the parent or guardian in order to play.

“The forms are available for downloading on,” Smith said.

The meeting also went over game day protocols, concession stands, electronic tickets, and the issues with fans showing up physically or virtually.

The game days are very important for the fans and the athletes. Students want to play and fans want to watch. Only a limited number of fans can come to games, so a virtual option is being discussed. Smith and Pallay talked about there being an online subscription to watch the game in case the government says they will not allow fans at these games. The game day is going to be a big event for the athletes participating and the fans are hoping the government will allow them to show up.

“I’m pretty excited for school starting up again,” sophomore baseball player Atikis Montoya said “I’m ready to start playing again.”