Hubie Halloween – “Scary Stupid”


Quinn Pedrick

Hubie Dubois and his Swiss Army Thermos go on a mythically yet real-life adventure to save people, more like Hubie-abusers, in Salem, Massachusetts going missing. While the plot has value, the story itself is nothing more than scary stupid.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Hubie Halloween starring Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois was a seasonal comedy that could be described as interesting or entertainingly stupid to say the least.

Hubie Dubois is a simple-minded man with a life-long dream of keeping the people of Salem, Massachusetts safe on the spooky night of Halloween. He is descended from a woman who fought for the accused witches, which ended with her being a part of the Salem Witch Trials’ death toll. The people of Salem practically despise Hubie and his Swiss Army thermos (soup container, shovel, grappling hook, hair dryer, and much more all in one) for which they express by throwing any objects (including but not limited to shovels, eggs, and cement blocks) at him when he rides his bike. Hubie, in turn, devotes his life to making sure his oppressors are safe on Halloween night, and he just takes the verbal, mental, and physical abuse from everyone, including very mean children. Hubie gets a new, mentally deranged neighbor who he suspects to be werewolf, and he is faced with an obstacle of finding the person or werewolf who has been taking people from Salem on Halloween night.

I do have to say Hubie Halloween was intriguing in the sense of wanting to see what other crazy and absurd event could occur next. Hubie had very childish faith that led to loopholes of expected fantasy horrors like werewolves, but the movie never truly escaped the realm of reality. There were definitely elements that felt out of this world like the thermos that had what seemed like a million capabilities or the constant amount of varying airborne objects. When we were introduced to a character that appeared to be a werewolf, I was ready to delve into the world of real vampires and all kinds of monsters in the universe created, yet I was left disappointed.

The movie had good effects and even a good plot in a very vague sense, but what made me not enjoy the movie as a whole was the pure stupidity between the dialogue and characters. Hubie’s character was overwhelmingly ignorant when it came to practically all matters because of his extreme childlike behavior. He used incorrect words, spoke and acted very embarrassingly, and was a general source of embarrassment for both of us. While some humor was amazing with PG-13 jokes and general chaos, it was just generally overwhelming.

This movie was supposed to feature Cameron Boyce, a well-known Disney actor who died of a seizure more than a year ago, and at the end of the film there was a tribute to him. This definitely added a sweet, very sad touch with the remembrance of a great figure in society.

Overall, the story was an interesting moral lesson with insanity and stupidity that definitely did give me quite a few scares (another thing I loathe), and while it was not necessarily to my liking, it was a wonderfully-conducted movie.