Halloween Town Exceeds Expectation


Kahleia Corpuz

Complete with a carnival-esque alley way, the pumpkin patch offers more than just a cool photo opportunity. There were rides, games, and food.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Every October, the long awaited “spooky season,” comes around the corner to motivate people to get up, wear a costume, and go partake in the holiday activities. One of these holiday activities that is special to Las Vegas is going to Halloween Town, the infamous pumpkin patch.

Halloween Town has three different locations, which can be found on their website. I personally do not know the differences between the three locations, but this year was my first time going to the coveted pumpkin patch.

Towards the back of the establishment, attendees went through a mirror house, filled with optical illusions. At the end of the house, there was a slide going back down. (Kahleia Corpuz)

Going into it, I fully expected a dirt terrain with a bigger portion of the plot to be filled with pumpkins to be picked. However, the only thing that seemed to match my expectation of what the patch was going to be was the dirt terrain. I was welcomed with a light show to the eye of games and rides that seemed to get brighter as the sun set.

There was a select area for pumpkins, but it was more or less just glorified photo spots for tourists to take pictures. The real entertainment value had nothing to do with pumpkins. Rides lined the sides of the plot with games and food places in between the space that the rides left.

Like any teenager, I was excited to go on the rides and play games to win prizes. While there were a variety of games, they were a little pricey, but I think that is just how carnival games are: pricey and rigged. There were a couple of games that I knew were beyond my capabilities of winning, like ring toss with rings that barely go around the mount of the bottle, but there were some, such as a dart game, that seemed to give me the sense of accomplishment (and stuffed animals) I desired.

There is a variety of games at the establishment such as the Strength Tester. To get a small prize, participants have to score past 132 points. (Kahleia Corpuz)

As if the games did not complete the carnival theme, there were a variety of rides that really interested my thrill-seeking heart. However, the lines to these rides were comparable to the ones at Disneyland. In an attempt to get our money’s worth, the poor soul I dragged with me, my friend, and I went on the kiddie rides.

The kiddie rides provided more of a scare-factor than I would’ve expected. Not only were they absurdly fast, but the rides seemed to come straight out of the abandoned carnival themes. The rides creaked with age, and the ride operators did not seem to pay too much attention to the noises or the obvious fear in our eyes as the ride started without any warning.

Along with the nachos I had consumed before going on three rides in a row, with one almost resulting in a concussion, I came off the rides dizzy and with an unhappy stomach. Despite this alarming description, I found pure enjoyment in the surprising fun factor that the rides gave. Although I was not able to go on the more thrilling rides, the kiddie rides really did not disappoint.

Halloween Town has a variety of rides for all ages. While all of the attractions were eye-catching, they were also hubs of long lines. (Kahleia Corpuz)

At the end of the festival, I ended up with three stuffed animals, a blue unicorn, a green dinosaur x-ray, and a hamster with a hole near its mouth to be exact, dirt all over my boots, and a smile hidden underneath my mask. Despite the alarming safety standards that the rides made me question, all in all, the pumpkin patch was pretty fun.

If I had to rank it based on my enjoyment factor, I would say a solid four out of five stars. It was enjoyable, and it was my first real interaction with the world after months of being locked in doors.