Straight A’s Ceremony Recognizes Distance Learning Success


Kahleia Corpuz

Assistant Principal Geissinger and Principal Esparza congratulate Straight A students at the ceremony. They both asked the students to help out their fellow classmates with the tips they’ve learned during distance learning.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Last Wednesday, October 21st, the students who received Straight A’s in the first quarter were congratulated with a ceremony via Google Meets, hosted by Assistant Principal Jennifer Geissinger.

“Students who earn straight A’s on their report cards are working very diligently to keep up with their studies,” Geissinger said. “These are the students we want to recognize and ask that they share how they are managing with distance learning and all the other obstacles in their lives, which can prevent them from learning. The tools and tricks they use are valuable to share with some of our students who may not be sure how to navigate their distance learning experience.”

The ceremony was separated into two different time slots with freshmen and sophomores at 10 A.M. while juniors and seniors participated at 11 A.M. Both ceremonies were filled with teachers and administrators cheering the attendees on.

“I am very proud of myself and all my fellow peers for making it this far in online school! The ceremony helped remind me that we all have different paths, but we’re on this journey together,” senior Julianna Melendez said.

Attendees were assured that they would be sent certificates to have a physical copy of their accomplishments. Along with these certificates, prizes were awarded to the Straight A students; however, they had to be the first to answer pop culture questions accurately to get a chance to spin the prize wheel.

“Being awarded an Echo was just amazing and gives me more inspiration to attend the next Straight A’s ceremony for Quarter Two, Quarter Three, and Quarter Four,” sophomore Yassin Amassanou said.

After the quiz, people were still given chances to spin the wheel by guessing Geissinger’s favorite season and what number or primary color she was thinking of. While not everyone received a prize, the ceremony allowed for a virtual gratification for the attendants.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything, but I will get a certificate, which I’m so grateful for!,” senior Karla Carmona said. “My plan for next quarter is to not procrastinate, to keep up with all my work, and to get Straight A’s again!”

Geissinger believes that there is something for every student to learn from every student who earned Straight As this quarter.

“I believe that students who are currently earning Straight A’s may do well with distance learning. That is not to say that this is the way for all students,” Geissinger said. “Some students learn better in person, and we have to recognize this and show grace to those who are working just as hard if not harder to keep up their grades through distance learning. We can all learn from each other at this time on how we are managing our time, our learning, our families, our lives. I believe every child can learn and reach their highest potential.”