Digital vs Traditional Art: Which is Better?

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager

Art has been around for centuries, with each new generation or era giving life to a new form of art. Now, with the digital era, technology has risen and digital art has been a recent new form of art. I am a person who both does art in a digital form and in traditional old-fashioned pen and paper form. Now the question is: Which is better, having the traditional way of drawing or continuing to the new digital form?

I’ve enjoyed art since I was a little child, and I enjoyed using a lot of sorts of paint, colored pens, pencils, markers, and crayons, but when I reached adolescence and got my phone, I discovered digital art in the 6th grade. I grew fond of it, even though it took me a while to adapt, but I still love it.

One thing that could make traditional art a better format is that there’s a lot of variety and history that comes to making art. First, it comes with an idea and then opens it’s pathways to what way and style one brings the creation to life. Artists can paint, sketch, draw with all sorts of colors and material, or they’re other forms of art like glass making, pottery, and knitting that can bring an idea to life. Compared to digital art, while it’s similar to sorts of brushes and colors one can get with apps, creators are mainly limited to only a screen and their hand (or stylus if they like using a stylus pen more than their finger).

Though one positive about digital art is that with it coming in a digital format, it is quicker and cheaper to get materials and colors. With traditional art, some supplies can be really expensive, like a set of alcohol markers. These are considered extremely popular in the art community and are pretty pricey for their ability to blend yet have really good quality. If one were to go into a local crafts store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, one would be surprised how much a set of markers or pencils will cost with some materials going into the three-digit mark. With digital art, there are good apps that have an assortment of brushes and the ability to make colors with little to no cost.

With every artist comes their own liking to what form of art they love. I love digital art more because, for one, I like my phone and the digital apps I’ve used. I’ve become accustomed to it and I’ve had more accessibility, but for many other artists, the battle for which is better continues on.