Raiders Gain Victory

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager

During the fall football season, the Las Vegas Raiders fell to the Buccaneers but redeemed themselves with victories over the Browns and the Chargers.

Even though they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 25, the newly-christened Las Vegas Raiders beat the Browns on November 1st with a 16-6 victory.

Cleveland native and Valley Assistant Principal Thomas Smith felt conflicted.

“Watching the game I was torn this past weekend; growing up in Cleveland and the first time I felt that I truly loved football was at a Browns game,” Smith said. “On the other hand, the Raiders have done so much for Valley, so I root for them as well.”

However, the game, in Cleveland, brought Smith back to his past.

“I enjoyed seeing the [Cleveland] weather with the 20+ mph wind, rain turning to snow, and the wind chill making the temperature feel like it was in the 20s; this brings back memories of me playing football in high school and college with awful weather. So on November 1st, I was really in my feelings like a Drake song,” Smith said.

The Raiders are improving this year, even while on the road.

“The Raiders’ defense turned in one of its best efforts in a long time Sunday, holding the Browns to just two field goals while escaping cold and windy Cleveland with a 16-6 victory,” Jerry Mcdonald stated in a Raiders article on

The Raiders traveled to Los Angeles to beat the Chargers on November 8, with a five-point victory, 31-26.

Their next game is against the Denver Broncos on November 15 in the new Allegiant Stadium on the Las Vegas Strip.