Nevada Song Survives Distance Learning


Siria Fierro

Nevada Day Home Means Nevada

Siria Fierro, Features Editor

October 30th is Nevada day, and at Valley, government teacher Vince Bognot celebrates it by having seniors go around the school singing the state’s official song “Home Means Nevada.” Because this school year is different, Bognot decided to adjust the Valley tradition by making a video this year, where he had various Valley staff sing “Home Means Nevada” from their homes.

“It is a light-hearted way to take a break from the stresses of Quarter 2 and to have fun,” Bognot said. “It is also a way to introduce the key government concept of ‘Federalism’ on how states can do things specific within their boundaries.”

The video even brought recognition to Valley’s government class tradition from Nevada’s highest ranking government official.

“Great job, @MrBognot and @Valley_Vikings! Thanks for sharing your #BattleBorn spirit!” Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said.

Although this year is very different, teachers have been finding ways to make traditions from past years fit into online learning. Students were not able to do Valley’s tradition on Nevada day of singing around the school, but Bognot found a way to incorporate it in this year that is just as fun as all the other times.

“Even though students did not get to sing the song this year, I hope that they enjoyed watching their teachers attempt to sing “Home Means Nevada” and had a couple of laughs along the way,” Bognot said. “Sometimes we all just need to take a break from the procedural routines and have fun while learning.”