Link Crew Holds First Friday Event

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Four rather interesting virtual classes for freshmen to have fun and socialize through were created and hosted by Valley’s Link Crew on the first Friday of November in hopes of bringing a closer connection of upperclassmen to freshmen despite these virtual times.

“When we are in school face to face, we host different activities during lunch,” Link Crew adviser Jodi Cunningham said. “It gives the freshmen and link crew leaders a chance to get to know each other better and laugh together as they participate in some fun activities.”

Four different Google Meets or classes were set up for freshmen to join as they desired with each class having a different focus being taught or hosted by a group of Link Crew Leaders. The four classes were Bob Ross, Among Us, TikTok, and Scavenger Hunt, where each respective activity occurred. The Bob Ross class consisted of students drawing whatever they so desired, and the Among Us class was students playing and communicating through the Google Meet together. The TikTok class was where Leaders taught freshmen trendy TikTok dances through visual examples in multiple forms. The Scavenger Hunt was students fetching simple and common items within their rooms, competing to find objects like cups or socks the fastest.

Link Crew Leader Rafael Pena said that his goal of providing a fun way for freshmen to safely socialize was met during the event.

Link Crew’s purpose is to make freshmen feel welcomed and safe throughout their entire first year in a new environment. Usually they can accomplish this goal by Leaders meeting up with kids around school in the lunchroom, halls, or sports fields even, but with being distanced, a fun half an hour of participating in a chosen activity was the ideal situation to meet their goal.

“I think we created an environment that was safe for the freshman to participate,” Link Crew adviser Nicholas Booker said. “There is much room for improvement but everything fell into place and everyone who participated had a great time.”

Booker said that “they will look for more ways to advertise the events sooner,” so stay on the look-out for events to be hosted by Link Crew in the near future.