Corpse Husband’s Voice Sweeps the Internet

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Influencer and musician, Corpse Husband, has recently garnered the attention of the internet for one specific attribute: his voice.

“I can’t get over [Corpse’s] voice,” U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said when playing an Among Us game with Corpse. “It’s so low!”

Corpse started out his online career by narrating horror stories on YouTube, using his deep voice to spook viewers. After disappearing from the public eye for a bit, Corpse came back as a streamer and a musician with his most popular song being “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE.” The song boomed on TikTok, becoming an automatic hit, for how unique Corpse’s voice was.

“[My voice] has been like this since I was like 12. I used to call myself out [in] middle school,” Corpse said in an Instagram story. “If I had to answer [why it’s like this], I would say it’s a combination of genetics and a health condition I have called GERD.”

GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a chronic disease that results in acid reflux and heartburn. The build-up of the stomach acid and bile irritates the lining of the esophagus, the organ that connects the throat and the stomach.

“Stomach acid can irritate your vocal chords, throat, and esophagus. This leads to a hoarse voice, wheezing, and too much mucus in your throat,” WebMD stated.

This build-up has resulted in the infamous voice, deepening his voice as time goes on. Despite his chronic illness, Corpse has continued to make content utilizing his voice.

“I believe Corpse’s popularity mainly stems from his voice and how most people are very drawn to its ‘deepness,’” a Valley student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. “I think his voice is really cool and intriguing considering his chronic illnesses is what makes it so deep, and he’s also managed to use it to help pay for his medical bills.”

In the last 30 days, Corpse has gained 2.46 million subscribers and 40.81 millions views, according to Social Blade, a website that tracks statistics and analytics of influencers on social media. With this nearly 1,500 percent increase in viewership, Corpse has used his newfound platform to entertain and educate.

“What I love about his content is his energy,” the student added. “He can be really entertaining to watch because he’ll either say something really funny, drop weird TikTok references, or use his platform to spread awareness about any topics that may not be covered as often as they should be.”