Teachers Bring Music First to Valley

Amy Vasquez-Rivera, Reporter

Music First is a music education program for K-12 that Valley recently inducted during distance learning for all music classes.

Music First was first introduced to the school by Director of Choirs David Sonnichsen at the beginning of the year. A conference was held with a Music First specialist who answered all the questions and gave a demonstration.

“After that call, we were confident this was a good fit for our programs and students, and with the help of Ms. Esparza, our head principal, we purchased it and got started three weeks ago,” Director of Bands Gary Brown said.

Music First allows students to listen to the assignment then record themselves. It has a metronome to play along with and gives instant feedback.

“It is a great resource for helping students become more independent musicians,” Sonnichsen said.

The Music First program has been beneficial for keeping track of individual practice as well as keeping students and teachers safe during distance learning.

“Since we are not rehearsing in groups, students need to be more effective in their individual practice, and Music First helps with that,” Sonnichsen said.

The program allows for easier grading and easier management for students.

“[Teachers] don’t have to go looking for our recordings one by one and instead with Music First they have it all right there,” freshman flutist Shertlyn Torres said. “It’s a lot easier to deal with than to record yourself and attach it and send it in an email.”

Classes are expected to continue using the Music First program after distance learning.

“I have not used Music First until now,” said Valley student from the orchestra program Cyntian Monterrozo Ochoa, “but it has everything that us people in music programs need in one app.”