Dual Credit Offerings Increase at Valley

Siria Fierro, Features Editor

Dual credit offerings have increased this fall as many students hope to attain college credit at the same time as high school credit with the new partnership with Nevada State College.

Many high schools have been incorporating programs that help students earn credits for college. When students earn credits for college while in high school, this means they are able to skip past some college classes. AP students are familiar with this and are already offered opportunities to earn credits.

Dual credit is similar to AP classes in which students can earn college credit, but“it is a guarantee for college credit if one passes,” dual credit chemistry teacher Jeanne Ruth said.

It is “Unlike AP and IB,” Ruth added; then students “only receive credits if they pass an exam at the end.”

This can sound really appealing to students who may struggle with testing.

Senior Naomi Reyes is enrolled in dual credit English, earning English 101 and 102 credits her senior year. She likes not having certain lessons or goals, but instead, practicing while she is learning.

“You learn a lot of more serious material and it’s done more freely,” Reyes said. “You can get an actual sense of how a college class works.”

Some students will be able to complete their entire year of freshman college for free thanks to dual credit classes. This is a great opportunity and option to look into in future years. To learn more information about dual credit, students must talk to their counselors, who have the necessary information.

Ramona Fricker, Assistant Principal over curriculum knows that dual credit options are keeping students at Valley instead of transferring elsewhere.

“Next year we hope to add even more courses in Math, Social Studies, Spanish, and Science!” Fricker said, which will increase the program and provide more options for students.