Veterans Honored through Acknowledgement


Kelly Pedrick

JROTC and MSTEM creates the Veteran’s Day Project. They learned about Veteran’s and the meaning of the day.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Photography Editor

Valleys JROTC and MSTEM students have participated in a project for Veterans Day.

“The Cadets were given a class about Veterans Day history, selective service, and qualifications to become a Veteran,” Army Instructor SFC Michael Vild said. “Their part of the project was to see if any family members were Veterans; if not they could pick any Veteran they wanted. Cadets were assigned a series of questions about their time in the service and any War Story they wanted to tell.”

Veterans Day is a day where people honor military veterans. Select Valley students created projects to thank these veterans for their service.

“We celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th because on the 11th month, of the 11th day, of the 11th hours, the allies signed the armistice which ended World War I,” senior Walter Snodgrass said.

These students took this opportunity to talk about veterans and highlight veterans in their family. Veterans day is a day for people to truly understand and commemorate what they have done and went through for the sake of their country.

“I learned that they worked hard for this country by trying to protect it in any way or form without second guessing it,” junior Physics Reese said. “They do a lot of cool things and do different stuff that you wouldn’t be able to do in any normal job. I had learned that being a veteran is an accomplishment because not a lot of people can go through or do things that they did. I think that they are very strong and brave for joining because you go in not knowing what will happen during the time that you serve. I learned that we have to be thankful for them because without them, we wouldn’t know what this country would be like today.”

This project of digging into the lives of veterans gives a deeper appreciation for them and the day itself.

“They are brave people who fight, so we don’t have to; they fight for people who they don’t even know,” sophomore Edison Reyes said. “Veterans fight day to day knowing that there might not be a tomorrow, so they make today count. [Veteran’s Day is] a day for us to remember, acknowledge, and thank those who have fought to protect the United States who have had one dream and that was to protect our people. Without Veteran’s Day, many people would forget the sacrifices that veterans have made for us. They are not only sacrificing their lives but the lives that they would have had.”