Ceramics Classes Active During Distance Education


Alissa Ward

A mix of pots created by Maria Vega Hernandez and Honey Ventura Sanchez.

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager

Ceramics is a favorite elective class, and it is still going strong through distance learning this fall.

“I love ceramics because the act of working with clay teaches us so many wonderful qualities like patience, persistence, creativity, and confidence,” ceramics teacher Alissa Ward said. “We learn to love this natural material because it tells the story of our craftsmanship and creativity.”

Ceramics is the art of making things out of clay like cups, vases, and other types of things. Ceramics/ pottery have been around throughout history; it was widespread and is a part of artifacts in museums telling of people of the past. One of the oldest ceramic artifacts comes from 28,000 BCE from the Czech Republic according to Ceramics.org.

“Ceramics class in the past is not a big difference from distance education,” senior Arlette Noyola-Becerra said. “I think Mrs.Ward has made the classroom run smoothly as if we were in class. I would say the classroom runs the same as before. The only thing that is different is not having the same materials, but Mrs. Ward has done an excellent job at providing all the necessary items to succeed.”

Ceramics have been known to be a versatile form of art. According to Health Fitness Revolution, some benefits include helping with arthritis pain and relieving discomfort. Working with ceramics, they add, also helps the mind with creativity on what can be made with clay. During the times of COVID-19, it can help be a way to get distracted from the news and quarantine.

“In ceramics we focus on projects assigned by the teacher. For instance, coil pots and cluster pots. As well as individual projects that are assigned later in the year,” Noyola-Becerra said. “My favorite part of ceramics is the distraction it provides for me. I enjoy ceramics because it allows me to relax in a time of crisis. For me, ceramics help me with my feelings and stress. It’s an ideal stress reliever.”