MSTEM Celebrates “Friendsgiving”


Screenshot by Jodi Cunningham

MSTEM celebrates Friendsgiving virtually this year. Cadets on the Google Meet interacted with each other on November 18 to socialize.

Isabella Medina, Advertising Manager

With the upcoming holiday festivities arriving and with the current pandemic still afoot, it has affected how people will celebrate it, such as a celebration MSTEM holds called Friendsgiving, which was held virtually on November 18.

“During the event, everybody introduced themselves, we played a few kahoots, and then we broke up into groups and played a few rounds of Among Us,” senior Adrienne Zuniga said.

Friendsgiving is an event with the MSTEM students celebrating Thanksgiving in their form by getting all of the students of MSTEM together and giving thanks. Though due to COVID-19, Friendsgiving was a little different this year with social distancing.

“Friendsgiving is just like Thanksgiving, but seeing as we can’t spend our last days of November with our friends at school, we, the senior MSTEM class, decided to host this event just to spend time with our fellow MSTEM cadets,” Zuniga said. “Our class was split up into groups to help create the event. My group decided on the Friendsgiving theme while I made the advertisements. The purpose was to get to know the cadets while having fun by playing a few games.”