Shustek Shows Respect by Being a True Valley Viking


Andrew Shustek

Andrew Shustek participating in Friday’s spirit day of wearing all blue.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Photography Editor

Sophomore Andrew Shustek is a Valley student dedicated to showing his school spirit.

“I think school spirit is very important,” Shustek said. “When students participate in spirit week, it shows support for your school.”

Andrew Shustek participated in Valley’s week of respect. Although the week’s participation was online, he hoped to be a part of the fun and show his school spirit. School spirit is important to Shustek and is still as important as it was before distance learning occurred. It is more important now more than ever.

Andrew Shustek participating in Monday’s spirit day of wearing your favorite team’s jersey by wearing his Kansas City Chiefs jersey at a football game. (Andrew Shustek)

“I participated in the Week of Respect because I think showing respect to others is one of the most important things people can do,” Shustek said. “Distance learning doesn’t give students the chance to show their teachers and staff respect in the same way it is shown in person. So I just thought participating and being a part of this week was important.”

The week revolved around respect. However each day there were different things to submit. Monday was to wear one’s favorite team’s jersey and Tuesday required students to talk about someone they admire and respect. Wednesday was twin day where people submitted a photo with a friend dressed the same. Thursday was the day to wear school colors (red and blue), and on Friday, students were to wear all blue.

Andrew Shustek participating in Thursday’s spirit day of wearing Valley school colors (red and blue). (Andrew Shustek)

“Respect is so important!” Shustek said. “It is important for many reasons, but with school, we have some really great teachers at Valley and they give their time to help students learn and grow as people, and showing them respect is a great way to also let them know that they are greatly appreciated.”

Andrew Shustek was recommended by one of the teachers at Valley, Pamela Hanson-Robles. She sees Shustek as a good person and felt that he deserved to be recognized for showing his school spirit.

“He is an excellent student and shows school spirit whenever we have spirit week or other themed events,” Hanson-Robles said. “He shows compassion and willingness to help his peers. He is self-motivated and always does his best. He keeps a positive attitude and shows the character of a true Valley Viking.”