Sorrosa Shares Love of Learning

Sorrosa is an English teacher at Valley High School. She is pictured with her past class.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Raquel Sorrosa is a English teacher at Valley High School, and soon after graduating college, she knew that Valley was the school where she wanted to teach.

Sorrosa was a student at Valley from 2009 to 2013, and being a student here, she was able to see the qualities Valley had to offer, and she knew being a teacher at her very own high school would be her dream job.

“I became interested in becoming a teacher when I was a teenager,” Sorrosa said. “My friends in school would tell me all the time how they appreciated the way I explained or showed them to do things so naturally. Plus, I wanted a job that would make a difference in the world everyday, and teaching definitely impacts all my students’ lives every single day.”

Valley has been a part of her life since she started high school. Sorrosa loves and respects Valley and says Valley will forever hold a special place in her heart.

“Yes, Valley is the first and only school I have taught in! I graduated in Spring 2018, got hired two months later and haven’t looked back since,” Sorrosa said.

Sorrosa has a chance to work at her dream job because of all the work she has put into making her dreams come true, but she also had many people who helped her along the way and still has many people who help her on a day to day basis.

“A billion people helped me get to this point in my life, but the ones who stand out are my forever Vikings- Ms. Baker, Ms. Clement, Mrs. Genova, Mr. Ocampo, and Mr. Walters,” she said. “Ms. Baker and Ms. Clement were my mentor teachers that I learned from when I did my student teaching here at Valley as a college student, and Genova, Ocampo, and Walters helped me develop my teaching style with their sage advice!”

Sorrosa loves being a teacher, and a big part of the teaching experience is the students she meets every year. She enjoys being able to teach her students new things and be creative, which is the reason she decided to become a English teacher.

“My favorite things about teaching English are the freedom and the creativity,” Sorrosa said. “It is such a wonder to see how innovative, fun, and imaginative students can be when introduced to texts that demonstrate different perspectives and cultures.”