Golden Knights Get Going With 2021


Kamiya Rodrigues

The Golden Knights are preparing for the new season. The hockey team went to a training camp beforehand.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are currently in training camp, and that means that it’s time to look back at their previous games and see what to expect this season.

The Golden Knights are a professional ice hockey team based in Las Vegas. They compete as members of the West Division in the National Hockey League.

According to Ben Goatz in the Las Vegas Review Journal, “The Golden Knights season will come down to being the best in the West.”

This 2020-2021 season will show how the off season affected each player. The Golden Knights have lots of great players but there were a few that caught people’s attention last season. Last season, according to Goatz, the player to watch was Max Pacioretty who scored 32 goals and 66 points. However this upcoming season the player people are interested in is Mark Stone. Mark Stone was announced as the first captain in Golden Knights history.

“Mark Stone. The first captain on the Knights in history is going to tear it up this year,” said IB history teacher Andrew Magness.

There is a new change to the team this year. Starting this season there will be two goaltenders, Robin Lehner and Marc- Andre Fleury. This is a big win for not only the team, but the fans cheering them on.

“The Golden Knights enter the season with the luxury of having two proven goaltenders in Robin Lehner and Marc – Andre Fleury,” Goatz said. “Coach Pete DeBoer intends to use them both early to get them into a rhythm.”

It’s going to be an exciting season that fans are looking forward to. With new additions along with losses there are lots of mixed emotions from fans.

“My thoughts on the upcoming season are mixed. I am very excited for VGK hockey to start this week, but also very sad that I cannot attend any of the games in person due to COVID,” AOHT teacher and season ticket holder Lisa Withrow said. “The majority of the experience comes from going to the games in person, enjoying all of the pregame activities, VGK parade, preshow, door giveaways, the arena atmosphere, excitement, the actual game, and the fans from both teams and how they interact.”

This season is going to be an interesting one and will keep fans on the edge of their seats. One thing is for sure, it will be something to watch. The Knights started their season with three wins against the Anaheim Ducks back to back and the Phoenix Coyotes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

“I am so very excited to finally have the hockey season start,” math teacher Jodi Cunningham said. “I have lots of hope and confidence that we can win it all.”