Raiders’s First Season So-So


Quinn Pedrick

The Raiders finishes up their season with a 1-1 ratio for wins and losses. Their final game of the season was against the Colts.

Brian Vasquez-Deniz, Reporter

The Las Vegas Raiders end their first season with a 8 and 8 record of wins and losses. They opened Allegiant Stadium but had to play without fans in their inaugural season.

The Raiders started their season with a win against the Panthers with a score of 34 to 30. Although the Raiders did well, they had some mishaps with some of the players getting COVID-19, losing five players from their offensive line. With this happening, they went on to play the Buccaneers, losing with a score of 20 to 45. Halfway through the season they had a 5-3 record coming up. becoming a sleeper pick for many fantasy sports fans.

“I rated the top two sleepers in the Raiders roster,” writer for Sports Illustrated and Raiders Maven Jairo Alvarado said, noting Derek Carr and Hunter Renfrow.

With the Raiders becoming a sleeper pick to many fans, they went to take on the Broncos and the Chiefs over the next couple of weeks. The Raiders beat the Broncos 37 to 12, but lost to the Chiefs by four points with a score of 35 to 31 later next week. This loss put the Raiders in a tight spot with their confidence being a little devastated. The next week the Raiders went to take on the Falcons, which did not end well for the Raiders, as they lost by 37 points to the Falcons.

According to the Associated Press, Las Vegas Raiders Coach Jon Gruden said, “I apologize to the Raider nation and really compliment the Falcons. They played a hell of a football game and we did not.”

After this loss, the Raiders took a big hit in the standings being tied with the Falcons in a 7-7 win to loss ratio with each other. This loss was shocking to the Raiders fan and many others who thought the Raiders were going to win the game. The next game the Raiders went up against the Jets, beating them 31 to 28. With this win the Raiders went on to play the Colts for a chance at the playoffs.

“When you need a win against a team you’re battling with for a playoff spot and you don’t get it, it really rips your heart out,” Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said to the Associated Press in an article on ESPN’s website.

The Raiders lost 27 to 44 against the Colts. The Colts played a great game, but sadly the Raiders couldn’t keep up with the Colts. After this, the Raiders lost to the Chargers and the Dolphins. Leaving the Raiders with their last game of the season to play against the Broncos. As the game progressed the Raiders and the Broncos had a close point lead. The Raiders won in the last quarter, scoring 15 points getting the lead by 32 to 31 Raiders favor. As this was their last game in the season, the Raiders went out with a victory against the Broncos.

“Funny about that, is right before that drive, I went to coach and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to win this game,” Carr said to the Associated Press.