Valley Graduate Plays for Kansas Wesleyan Volleyball Team



Spring 2020 Boys’ Volleyball team at the SCVA Las Vegas Classic at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on February 14, 2020 before their season was canceled. Bottom row: Andrew Orezza-Rojas, George Villegas, Diego Vegas, Coach Tarina Elliott, and Colin Lindo. Back row: Josiah Marrero, Jonathan Botello, and Yon Mora.

Brian Vasquez-Deniz, Reporter

Alumni Colin Salgado Lindo received a scholarship to play for Kansas Wesleyan’s volleyball team.

Salgado Lindo plays the outside hitter and also rotates to all six positions throughout the game. Although the team is practicing really hard, they don’t know if they’re going to be playing because of quarantine.

“Hopefully we make it out and play in a game,” Salgado Lindo said.

Salgado Lindo’s experience when playing volleyball was a great time on the court for him. He found that playing volleyball was a great way to relax. It was therapy for him, and he felt amazing that he received a scholarship.

“Colin let me know how much he loved the game of volleyball from the moment I was introduced to him as the new Men’s/Women’s coach,” Varsity Volleyball Coach Tarina Elliott said. “He would always ask me about playing at the next level and then even going professional.”

Elliott helped to shape Salgado Lindo into the player he is today. During his sixth and seventh periods of his senior year, open periods, he would finish school work and focus on volleyball.

“I had Colin study the game of volleyball, watching games from each level: college, professional, AVP and Olympic matches,” Elliott said. “He needed to learn each position on the court, not just learn about them but also learn how to play them to make himself a versatile player.”

What inspired Salgado Lindo to start playing volleyball was his mother because she played all her high school years. Knowing this, he became a volleyball player to make his parents proud and hopefully inspire his little brother to do something better or follow in his footsteps.

Playing at the college level, “It was a dream come true for me and my family,” Salgado Lindo said.

Elliott was instrumental in sending Salgado Lindo to a four-year school, helping him find schools with his major and scholarship opportunities.

“I started contacting coaches personally,” Elliott said. “It was not the normal route I have taken with previous athletes but because of the pandemic and lack of video and stats, I had to take a more personal approach to ensuring Colin getting to play at the next level.”

Elliott and her daughter, also a volleyball player, even took Salgado Lindo to Kansas to start the semester and start working out with the team.

They “drove the excited yet very nervous new college student/volleyball player halfway across the country to ensure he made it!” Elliott said.

Whenever he can’t practice volleyball, Salgado Lindo does business management on the side. By practicing volleyball, he hopes to make the Men’s National Team.

“Hopefully, I get to play in the Olympics for the U.S.,” Salgado Lindo said.

Elliott is a proud coach of all he has accomplished. Not only is Salgado Lindo playing collegiate volleyball, but he is the first in his family to go to college.

“I am excited for Colin and proud of the patience he had to learn through this process as well as the hard work he was willing to put in to get to the next level,” Elliott said. “The road doesn’t end here and he will have to continue to work hard in school as well as on the court to achieve his bigger dream of making the Men’s National team!”