The Wilds Leaves Viewers Wanting More


Siria Fierro

The Wilds is a new Amazon Prime show that follows teenage girls after a tragic plane crash. The show has been called, “Lost Meets Mean Girls.”

Siria Fierro, Reporter

The Wilds is a new show from Amazon Prime, following eight teenage girls stranded on an island after their plane crashed. It’s been called Lost meets Mean Girls by some. It’s also already been renewed for a second season. So it’s a perfect new show to binge watch over the weekend.

The Amazon Prime series has ten episodes in which they tell the story of how the girls are battling against the island in present time, but also go back to how different their lives were before the crash and the issues they dealt with. Each girl has her own storyline and their own episode that has the audience get to know them better.

All the girls are different and have their struggles when working together on the island. Not only do they have to deal with being stuck on an island, but they also have to figure out how to work as a team. Even though each girl has their moments, the show has the audience understand and like them as it progresses. People might even be able to relate with the problems they struggle with as teenage girls.

One great thing about The Wilds is that all of the main cast are lesser known actors. This gives a fresh feel to the show and allows actors aside from the more known ones to show their talents. And, these actresses had a lot of talent to show. Each girl stood out with their performance and worked amazingly together.

Amazon Prime’s The Wilds is a great new drama that brings in interest with the stranded island plot but with the twist of younger characters. It’s a show that will have the audience wanting the second season as soon as the last episode ends.