Cheerleading Gets a Fresh New Start


Courtesy of Barbara Jeppsen

Barbara Jeppsen is Valley’s new cheer coach. She coached Legacy’s cheer team last year.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Barbara Jeppsen is Valley High School’s new cheer coach, and she is excited to create a foundation that the cheerleaders will learn and grow from.

Jeppsen has been involved in cheerleading for some time. Jeppsen stated that she has a lot of love and passion for cheerleading.

“I started going to mini cheer camps in second grade, but I was on my first cheerleading team in 6th grade,” Jeppsen said. “Cheerleading has been a big part of my life since then!”

Jeppsen has many years of experience, but before she became Valley’s cheer coach, she was an Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) instructor, which helped her gain more expertise. Jeppsen received her spot as the new coach because of her hard work and sacrifice, but she also used help from others along the way.

“My high school cheerleading coach, Jill Kellermeier,” Jeppsen said. “led me to the opportunity with UCA, and has always been my reference for cheerleading jobs since high school. I hope to be that person for my athletes!”

Jeppsen has a lot in store for the cheerleading team, and she hopes to get the girls in the best shape possible. Her end goal is to get them to place top 10 in nationals. Due to COVID-19, Jeppsen had to start her new job as a coach online, but she stated she is going to take advantage of that, and once she is able to be in person, she will start building technique and a foundation for the team.

“Coaching online is almost unheard of, but we will find a way to make it work,” Jeppsen said. “My plan is to start virtual workouts right away. I would like to lead them, on Google Meet, in body weight exercises (push-ups, burpees, squats, etc). I will also be demonstrating specific stretches for the girls to do with me.”

Jeppsen stated that post high school cheerleading is vital in becoming a known and well-prepared cheerleader/coach. She is excited to be the new coach and teach the girls how to be the best they can be.

“My advice would be to gain experience,” Jeppsen said. “I am most excited to create a solid foundation that’s structured with technique! A foundation that we can continuously build on and grow!”