Why the Stegosaurus is The Best Dinosaur


Kamiya Rodrigues

Stegosaurus eat lettuce. These dinosaurs lived a long time ago and were bright red.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

There are tons of dinosaurs that once roamed this very earth, however, some happened to gain more attention than others. Dinosaurs, ranging from herbivores to carnivores, are all different in a variety of ways. Some lean toward the more popular choice of the Tyrannosaurus Rex while others take a different road and might go with the Pterodactyl, basically any dinosaur for any variety of reasons. However, the Stegosauruses showed great might and worked with what was given to them.

According to dinasaurdays.com, stegosauruses are known for their large plates that cover their back along with their spiky tail. They were herbivores, mostly eating plants like cycad and moss. The Stegosaurus had a brain about the size of a walnut, which was unusual for a dinosaur of that size. Weighing about 6,800 pounds and being 26-30 feet long made it able to defend itself.

Circling back around to it’s brain size, it’s very inconvenient. To have less intelligence than those hunting you, makes it harder to survive. However, they survived for a lot longer than normally possible with the odds stacked against them. If not for their smarts, then from strength alone, or maybe even luck. Either way, the Stegosauruses took what was given to them and made it work.

Stegosauruses were very slow walkers yet got where they needed to be. While not being very fast in order to escape predators along with their intelligence, life was not on their side. Yet they still managed to be wildly successful. They got where they needed to be and used power to survive instead of speed like some other dinosaurs.

These dinosaurs were herbivores, and that was a good thing when they were alive. Since Stegosauruses only eat plants instead of eating meat like other dinosaurs, they are conserving the diversity of dinosaurs that were alive then. This was a way to be peaceful and only fight when necessary and not for food.

Their way of fighting is also interesting. They fight using the spikes in their tails, like being fused with a weapon. They do a good job at defending themselves, seeing as they lived for as long as they did. Plus, since their body was so big, they could withstand quite a bit of damage.

They accomplished all of this with a smaller than average brain and not being very mobile, which is more than enough to prove their efficiency. Keeping to themselves and expending less energy is something that people should all aspire to do. Stegosauruses moved forward with the bad hand they were dealt, and therefore, they proved their strength.