Movie Podcast

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Me/Isabella: Hello Valley, this is me Isabella Medina from Thor’s Hammer. Would you like to introduce yourself? 

Julian: Sure, Hey guys! Hey, Vikings from Valley High school and the advisors, teachers, and staff. It is Julian Guinto, 11th grader IB student. It’s nice to meet you all. 

Me/Isabella: Yay, thanks, and today we’re going to be talking about movies. 

Julian: Movies, I see, this is going to be pretty interesting, especially when you’re with an indecisive person like myself. 

Me: So, tell me Julian, what is your favorite movie? 

Julian: Like I said, I’m indecisive, I was on Netflix, watching a movie first off if you guys don’t remember it’s a fun animation movie about a penguin becoming a surfer with this chicken. It’s really fun, I’m currently watching it. But at the moment I really don’t necessarily have a favorite movie because there’s just so many movies out there coming out and I really can’t compare the oldies with the new ones. They are just to amazing, like come on would you really compare Jurassic Park to Transformers, like no you can’t choose one unless you’re like a big transformers fan, robots fan or dinosaur fan it really doesn’t matter but, yeah I’m indecisive so I can’t really the perfect movies there’s just too much. 

Me: That I can’t kind of relate to, because ever since like I was like around five years old, I always had a thing for finding Nemo, I would like watch it a thousand times, even to this- even to this day Finding Nemo is like my favorite movie even though I haven’t seen it for a year because I lost my disc. Ehhhh sadness, though I have like a second favorite movie that’s from Studio Ghibli, Spirited away anyone? 

Julian: Spirited away, My neighbor Totoro. Oh my God, hey by the way I’m going to do a short promo it’s Studio Ghibli just saying. 

(Just an FYI no one really knows how it’s pronounced so people both use a soft and hard G so don’t ask why there’s a difference) 

Me: Yeah, Studio Ghibli though it has made me laugh but it also made me cry. Julian: Ah yes, anime can ruin your heart 

Me: Yes especially this one specific movie, I think it was called Grave of the fireflies.

Both: Aaaaaaaahhhh

Me: Ehhhhhhh that ripped me apart for days, I don’t want to give spoilers but it’s pretty sad. 

Julian: Grave of the Fireflies it’s such a deep- such a deep anime movie but it’s such a really heart felting movie and interesting one to watch as well so I do recommend it. But yeah you’re not wrong. It’s- it hurts. Because all you got to do is just be like, “Please! Stop!” While you just look at the screen. Like there’s nothing you can do. 

Me: Yep, the ending did make me cry it is like both sad and like it’s like a mix, it has happy scenes that make you feel like, “Aw that’s adorable” but then sometimes it can have deep emotional scenes, and usually that’s what makes a great movie. There’s good ups, there’s good downs you relate to the characters a bit. 

Julian: Hey, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I honestly believe movies with a sad ending is better than movies with a good ending because in a way it’s more realistic, and I get it you can be all happy, seeing them together, seeing them all reunited depending on which movie you’re watching, but when it comes to movies with a bad ending it gets you more interested on what’s to come. 

Me: Yeah, one thing that I do like about movies is well there’s two things, one is that it gives like a traumatic scene or a traumatic thing that happens to the character, it gives it more depth like let’s see… Simba from the Lion King Mufasa’s death anyone? 

Julian: “Dad, Dad come on wake up Dad? Stop playing around ” I know ok look dont hate me I know those aren’t the original lines but that’s something you would’ve said… no I’m not going to go that far no. 

Me: Another thing I like for a protagonist or for a movie is like a good soundtrack as well. Julian: Yeah, like the soundtrack is what makes most of the action sequences just so godly. 

Me: Yeah let’s see I don’t remember like, there’s a lot of movies that I love the soundtrack for, like titanic is one of them I really like the orchestral music 

Julian: I love the soundtrack and knowing just the Avatar like with Pandora, Pandora’s world and all that but to me that got most to me in my opinion was the My Hero Academia movie, um where- I don’t know if any of you all saw this but I’m not going to say anything. But to me like in every movie like depending if it’s action there’s always this big fight that it leads up to. When you listen to a soundtrack it’s just so amazing and you just fell like your in a divine deity realm. 

Me: You know I also think it’s another good thing about like getting a movie to be popular and this I’ve seen in like stories and tips on making a good story and a good movie is that you need to have a good world. A good world for your characters to live in. 

Julian: Exactly.

Me: Which sometimes can if you don’t define it especially if it’s from a book that has an immersive world or like a series and you just expand it and into one shrunken film like Avatar, the M. Night Shyamalan movie. 

Julian: We don’t talk about that movie. 

Me: Yeah I’m sorry. 

Julian: I’m still waiting for that Netflix adaptation like don’t forget I haven’t forgotten about that. I’m still waiting. 

Me: Yeah me too, even though I secretly watch avatar sometimes like, sometimes when I’m supposed to be sleeping and I’m like. “Eeeh maybe I can sneak one episode in” 

Julian: you know every single student has stayed up, its quarantine like I stay up pretty late to the part where I actually sleep past 10 am and I’ve never done that. It’s crazy. 

Me: Yeah it is pretty crazy like my time during quarantine like I was so thankful that almost like at the end of last last year we got Netflix which I’m like thankful, “Like Oh my god thank you I can’t last, like, like I need movies like I need movies to watch” 

Julian: Like well I mean what’s your favorite genre of movies 

Me: hmmm me I’d say, like it’s hard like animated it’s definitely one of them, like Fantasy maybe. 

Julian: mine would probably be mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, comedy, um like you said animation as well but there’s I don’t know if I listed all the genres I’m pretty sure I haven’t but if I had to go with my top three favorites it’s most likely horror, adventure and comedy 

Me: Me I can’t usually watch horror, I can’t really stand horror I can’t stand jump scares at all, I remember this scene from Jurassic world, ok spoiler alert guys I’m sorry so if you all remember wait I’ll also say skip like one minute maybe two minutes anyways. So anyways there’s this scene in Jurassic World where like the people are hunting down the velociraptors because they’ve gone rogue and they’re like showing the point of view from the camera’s, from their helmets and then one of the velociraptors jumps, I literally hit the back of my chair I was like, “Uh!” 

Julian: So honestly it was like a smart play on Jurassic world because I never thought about that like having the viewpoints of the dinosaurs like its interesting. We get to see the mobility, the way they hunt, the way they track their prey like it was awesome. 

Me: I also liked it pretty well I also liked the sequel, I actually bought the sequel like I dont remember the name-

Julian: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom? 

Me: Yeah 

Julian: I’m sorry but like that one scene. Where you see the long neck (Brachiosaurus I believe) that was… 

Me: That was sad, 

Julian: The fact that it was the original Brachiosaur from Jurrasic park, I’m such a dinosaur fanatic. 

Me: I kind of am but then again if I was to ever meet a dinosaur I think I would run in the opposite direction. 

Julian: if I were to ever meet one… hmm what’s the less lethal dinosaur that people would most likely choose Brach…no Brachiosaur maybe if it’s like a baby that’s the most non lethal but it’s still pretty heavy. It’ll be pretty fun to have a baby Brachiosaur as a pet. 

Me: Then again if you make one wrong step it’s going to crush you. 

Julian: Hey that’s when it gets old ok? That’s when it gets old. 

Me: Yeah, you know what I’m still kind of sad about I remember it was about the Hamilton movie, I remember so well whenever Lin Manuel Miranada announced the movie, I was so happy I was actually going to do a John Laurens cosplay once the movie came out because I really wanted to watch it in theaters but now that were in quarantine and they put it in Disney plus which I dont have I was so mad, I’m like “No! I can’t watch it!” 

Julian: Hey I’m just saying if you got friends they’ll hook you up, you know what I’m saying? 

Me: Yeah 

Julian: Yeah it’s pretty hard especially with a family or specific families you can’t afford specific things. It’s hard but in a way you just have to accept it to the point where you can get it. And hey it may take a while but it’s worth the ride. 

Me: Yep… though I still want to watch it even though I’ve never seen it yeah… one day I will. Julian: One day 

Me: Also did you know like that Disney plus has like Marvel, Star wars and even national geographic.

Julian: Yes, yes they do I watched endgame I enjoyed it I cried. 

Me: I did not watch endgame but I still received spoilers which sucked. 

Julian: Alright wait a second I’m going to send a message to all of the spoilers that are out there, toyou guys who spoil movies especially big ones where people who enjoy the franchise, you guys are devilish you guys are mean, it’s not fair like seriously, oh my god like I had one friend she was going to watch attack on titan and they way that this person ruined it for her, I got so upset, I was like “yo that’s one of the biggest things in season 1 and you just had to ruin it.” That’s really upsetting Oh my god. 

Me: I mean like I understand you want to get them, like excited for it and be like, “Hey hey! If you’re not going to watch it I’m going to tell you what happens” but come on don’t spoil it, it’s not fun. 

Julian: It’s kind of annoying, it’s like it’s not fair, like for me I don’t really get to theaters as often as I’d like, the last time I went to theaters was probably around last year. Or if not 2019 or back in February was like the last time I went to theaters I’m pretty sure it’s been like two years I’ve been to an actual theater watching an actual movie, so normally I’d wait until it comes out in the tv, but I don’t know it’s upsetting if only you can keep your mouth shut, keep it shut (for spoilers) just saying. 

Me: I think the last time I’ve been in an movie theater was like two to three years ago, the last movie that I clearly remember watching was Spiderman far from home I think? 

Julian: Dang, I loved that movie, that movie was amazing 

Me: yeah I loved it too was kind of confused for a bit and I’m like, “ok so this takes place after endgame right, or ehhhh” 

Julian: No it takes place during endgame like between- it would be before, it’s before infinity war. No wait oh you’re talking about the one where Mysterio comes in right? 

Me: With Tom Holland 

Julian: No with like Mysterio 

Me: Yeah 

Julian: Alright yeah ok that’s after endgame. I thought you were talking about Homecoming and I was like waiiittttt. 

Me: Yep and I remember and it was like in the Boulevard Mall in the movie theater.

Julian: Yeah the Galaxy theater, that’s pretty expensive over there. 

Me: Well it was during the time my brother and I were shopping and we were alone and like, “Hm, let’s watch a movie in the new theater and we had a fun time especially with the reclineable chairs. 

Julian: Yeah I thought so, they were still fun you’re not wrong about that you enjoyed it at least. 

Me: Ok so now we’re reaching the end of time for this podcast so, would you like to say something Julian? 

Julian: Ok so I will say thank you for having me on the podcast, it was really fun I really enjoyed it. It was really nice because I get to talk to you it’s been quite a while, thank you for having me on the podcast I really enjoyed it reminiscing about the old school movies and when I found out what was favorite of mine and thank you for bringing this up because it was memorized all these 

different movies that were a part of who I am and made the person who I am and I’m going to give out to one special movie to say my goodbyes. 

“Th-that’s all folks!” 

Bye guys! 

Me: Alright then bye everyone!!