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Tell Thor: What pets do you have, and why do you have them?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a survey from the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reported that 85 million American families have pets. Pets have kept many company during the pandemic, and Thor’s Hammer would love to see them! This week, Thor asked, “What pets do you have, and why do you have them?”

Kai Lopez

Wendy Duran

“When I was sad after the death of a loved one, I needed something to make me get out of bed in the morning. Tiffany was a shelter animal that I found online because there was one born with only three legs, and I thought she was less likely to be adopted, so I went to get her. By the time I got there, she was already adopted, but Tiff was her sister, and she came and jumped right in my lap, and I c...

Laura Torchia

Alexis Haefer

“I got Helena when I had another cat before he passed and decided he needed a friend. I got Gizmo shortly after my older cat died. I named him Gizmo because he kind of reminds me of a Gremlin,” science teacher Alexis Haefer said. ...

Jennifer Geissinger
Carolyn Boeher
Christian Dave Ocampo
Briana Richardson
Naomi Reyes
Magdalyn Hoffman

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