Fitting To Be Fit

Lisa Norris, Reporter

Most of my life I’ve always had a high metabolism, and still do. However, when the first lockdown happened all I did was sit and snack. I ate not thinking about what I was consuming nor how to balance it out with my weight. I didn’t even participate in any physical activity. I just finished PE for school, and I wasn’t looking back!

I remember how sluggish I felt because of the lack of exercise I did. Not only that but I felt slightly depressed; it was like my body was telling me in its own way that it wasn’t in good condition, and I couldn’t let that continue.

“How do you build up your bank account? By putting something in it everyday. Your health account is no different. What I do today, I am wearing tomorrow. If I put inferior foods in my body today, I’m going to be inferior tomorrow, it’s that simple,” fitness guru Jack Lalanne said on the Notable Quotes website.

So I searched for fitness apps that worked offline for me, offline because the internet and battery would run low.

Finally, after bouncing around in the App Store, I stumbled over this fitness app called Workout for Women: Female Fitness, the creator of this app is called Leap Fitness Group. The app is totally free, but WiFi is needed to unlock some of the content.

The app allows users to choose their goals, whether they are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, and no equipment is needed.

Each day the app will challenge users to a different exercise routine; it’ll start them off slow then progress throughout the days. They can skip exercises and go back, change the instructor’s voice or go without it, and the app gives them written instructions on how to do each exercise. A video accompanies each written exercise.

There’s a vivid 3D guide to show users how to do each exercise while they are working out, which helps when someone is confused, and it’ll also remind them to work out daily once they schedule it. It also has a step counter if they’re interested in it.

This app is really good for beginners, and it goes to the level of advanced as well, and it’s overall ratings are positive.

It also has separate workouts focusing on a certain part of the body of the user’s choice, like legs, glutes, and abdomen.

Now, I understand the struggle of wanting to drink soda over water, but water is needed more during exercise; the app has a tracker for that. Each hour it’ll remind users to drink one glass of water. They can choose to ignore it because it’ll only ask once. This is to create a good habit to teach youth to drink water more frequently.

Overall, this app is good for beginners like myself, especially to feel the burn, get tired, not sweat so much, and see results, this app is really handy.