A Deeper Look Into TXT’s Latest Album


Kai Lopez

Although dealing with topics of isolation and loneliness, TXT’s “Minisode 1: Blue Hour” stays hopeful for a positive change.

Kai Lopez, Reporter

Music has become a force strong enough to break through the barriers of language as well as really any other barrier, and the almost two-year-old group TXT is proof of that.

Tomorrow X Together (or TXT for short) debuted the 9th of March, 2019 with their very first mini album “The Dream Chapter: Star” under the label BigHit Entertainment. They are a five member group consisting of Soobin Choi, Yeonjun Choi, Beomgyu Choi, Taehyun Kang, and Kai Kamal Huening. With music expanding from disco to jazz to R&B to Hip-Hop, they are sure to have something for everyone.

TXT’s duality is not only found in their sound, but rather their lyrics too. Their songs deal with feelings and elements that any age-group can be sure to relate to. Some of their songs deal with loneliness and isolation from others, and some talk about the hopeful teenage love most of us have or will hopefully feel some time in our life.

On October 26th of 2020, they released their latest mini album “Minisode 1: Blue Hour.” Throughout the album, multiple subjects and feelings relating to our current pandemic situation are talked about, and it quite honestly feels as if they know exactly what people are feeling.

Starting with their first track, “Ghosting,” the mood is set for the album. The song talks about losing contact with someone close as if they have disappeared. “You disappeared/Like a faint ghost/In a room where only echoes linger/I wander alone all the time/I’m like a ghost.” The song goes on to explore the feeling that we are left by people who we deemed to be close to us can just walk out of our lives just like that, especially in a world where our only contact is social media. “Looking, blankly at your new post/With the hashtag ‘The_sky_is_so_beautiful_today’/I can’t believe it, I already know now/You have logged out from my world/Stay up all night with your open eyes like a zombie/I’m looking for signs of a breakup in our conversation.” Even with the heartbreak that came with the feeling of having lost someone, of having them walk off out of one’s life just like that, the song remains optimistic. “Actually I know/’No answer,’ that’s the answer/I don’t get used to it/Being alone/Just like us in the picture/We have to go back again/I’m still here/I’m still here.”

Now moving on onto their title track, “Blue Hour.” The song stays in the same hopefulness that Ghosting had toward its end. “You are my special/My only one special/The door of dreams opens/The ‘you’ from my memories becomes reality.” The song stays in that topic of wishful thinking and dreaming of staying with someone as it always had been.

In their third track, “We Lost Our Summer,” they go more in depth with the feelings that the pandemic brought us this past year. “My earphones that I shared secretly (now only me)/A trendy song, a concert in the classroom (but now)/We lost the sunset, now don’t know what to do.” The song talks about how the world has turned upside down because of the circumstances we face now after the COVID-19 pandemic started back in March through the lens of a teenager. “A day or two, a week and another month, a year/I’m walking alone, this clumsy step/We lost the summer/A week like a nightmare, another month, a year/I want to see you again, our shining summer/Long gone we lost the summer … Many first days after the first day on my calendar/I’m left on the endless evening of March 1.” The song is a perfect example of how many of us felt and are still feeling throughout this past year.

Skipping to their last song of the album, “Way Home,” we’ll notice how the narrative has shifted significantly to a more hopeful tone. “Suddenly a chilly wind is blowing/In my ear, I can hear our song/I press the pedal again to the end of the hill/I run run to the evening sunset.” In the song, the feeling of being hopeful through the act of constantly reaching out for those who matter to us and we love is the main factor. The song constantly talks about finding that person who matters the world to each person without being too specific. “Secrets that can’t be spoken and the worries that are left behind/And the empty spot without you is swept away by the wind/Suddenly, our names are called/In my ear, I can hear our song/Instead of closing my eyes, being scared/I call you, run run.” The album ends in a hopeful note of no longer being alone, or at least no longer being afraid of it.