Student Council Delegates Go To Regional Conference


Cailin Reyes

Student council delegates participate in a regional conference to learn from one each other. The ideas learned from the conference are integrated into student council events for the student body.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

The NASC Virtual Southern Zone Conference for Student Council delegates was held on January 30, and Valley’s leaders were there to participate.

“It is a leadership conference for student council members to lead and attend a variety of workshops about all things student council/leadership,” adviser Tara Hottendorf said. “ Advisers get to meet and attend workshops geared towards educator/adviser roles.”

Students used this event as an opportunity to share their ideas with their peers. Together, they brainstormed ways to hold virtual events in hopes of boosting the morale of Valley Vikings.

“Other schools shared with us how they’re navigating online school in terms of planning virtual assemblies, spirit days, making sure online events are enjoyable and accessible to the student body, and how to overall help our community during these times through volunteer work,” president Julianna Melendez said. “We hope to implement these ideas within our own council.”

In previous years, students participated in this conference face-to-face, but because of the global pandemic, it was held virtually. This dramatically decreased the number of attendees.

“This year’s conference was heavily impacted by COVID-19. We usually had a few thousand people, but this year, we had around 600 attendees,” second vice president Christina Nguyen said. “That number is pretty good, but we usually see more.”

Key takeaways from the Zone Conference will reflect in future events at Valley.

“Expect to see a few more virtual assemblies and spirit weeks! Also, some end of the year senior events,” Melendez said. “Planning virtual events is always a challenge, but we hope that as the year progresses, we’re able to plan things that students actually enjoy with the feedback we get.”