VVS Tutoring Now Available


Kamiya Rodrigues

Valley Viking Scholars is offering tutoring to students who are struggling and need help. VVS is a club based on building a community between people in higher level classes along with helping their community.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Virtual tutoring is now available to struggling students through Viking Valley Scholars.

Students can access tutors through the Valley Website, by choosing Student Life, Valley Viking Scholars, and Tutoring (link). Or, students can go directly to the tutor profiles located at tinyurl.com/VVSTutorProfiles. The profiles list all of the tutors available as well as the subjects they tutor and the times they are available.

“Once you pick your tutor,” VVS adviser Lauren Engel said, “you can click on their request form to request a one-on-one session from that tutor!”

Ten scholars have volunteered to share their time to help those struggling in subjects which they have already done well in or are in right now.

“In general, most of our tutors hold their hours at least one day a week after school,” Engel said. “Some also hold hours on Wednesdays during the school day and on the weekends! Most also have hours available by appointment, meaning if none of their posted hours work for a student, that student can send them an email and set up a tutoring session at a day/time that works for them.”

The tutors earn community service hours for their time helping students. This is a student tutor program, so teachers are not participating in the tutoring. Yet, VVS is still willing to help.

“If a student is struggling with a subject not offered by our tutors, I work with our other scholars as well as teachers at Valley to get that student connected to someone who can help them,” Engel said.

Currently, the tutors involved are VVS members Bobby Degeratu (senior), Kandy Valencia Mejia (sophomore), Anaraquel Jaramillo (sophomore), Quinn Pedrick (freshman), Kai Lopez (freshman), Ja’Mae Ellison (junior), Breeona Bruce (freshman), Justin Abenoja (freshman), and Nathally Moreno Ramirez (junior).

“All of these tutors are accomplished students who have earned high grades in the classes that they tutor,” Engel said. “They can help you not just with assignments in your classes but also with essay writing, study strategies, and other important skills! We will hopefully gain a few more as more VVS members set their hours and more students get involved!”

While many subjects are covered, there are many classes offered at Valley each year.

“We have a wide range of subjects available, but I’m not sure if we have every single class at Valley covered right now,” Engel said. “If there is a subject that I get lots of extra requests for that we don’t have, I will do my best as the VVS Tutoring Adviser to find a scholar that can help those students.”

Interested students should visit the tutor profiles to consider which subjects and tutors would fit their needs best.

“We have a tutoring profile where students can go to,” Valencia said. “It states the tutor’s name, a few fun facts, and what they can help in. After you find the right tutor for you, you click on “request a tutoring session here,” then you fill it out, and you are all signed up. The tutor should reach out in the following days. Tutoring hours are all up to the tutors availability.”

While this program has been in the works for awhile, putting it together virtually has been a challenge. Yet, VVS wanted to make sure all students at Valley could get help in subjects they are struggling with.

“All students are welcome to ask for tutoring when needed.” Valencia said. “Everyone can get the help they need.”