The End of Among Us

Amy Vasquez-Rivera, Reporter

In June of 2018, a small indie game, Among Us, developed by InnerSloth was released, but didn’t gain massive traction until mid 2020.

The game gathered a large audience for many reasons: partly because of the boredom of quarantine and partly because of the gameplay itself. The game is easy to learn with a fun mafia style, and it allows people to connect with friends and meet new people.

However, like all games that blow up, Among Us had to come down. After several months of steady gameplay and an overflow on the servers, it seemed that Among Us had quietly slipped through society’s hands.

It still has a steady audience and active players with many Youtubers like DisguisedToast and Daithi De Nogla producing almost daily Among Us content, but such content is having a decline in views.

The new Henry Stickmin, another game by InnerSloth, themed map “The Airship” is to be released some time in 2021, and it will more than likely bring back some old players as well as bring in new ones with another possible overflow for the game. Even so, it will probably never be as big as it used to be.

The people that played it are also partially at fault for the game’s downfall. From the nationwide hack of ‘Eris Loris’ to the other players’ inability to play the game correctly; it was all very frustrating. The game itself is very repetitive with the same few tasks, with the exception of some that go with the theme of the map, and has its faults with the roles of the players.

Being the imposter was the main reason people wanted to play the game, and when they didn’t get it, they would leave and the game would end shortly. Not to mention that sometimes the game could either give it to someone for the whole time they played or not give it to someone for a long time.

From personal experience, I would play a two-hour-long session with friends and be the imposter constantly. Popular creator CaptainSparklez had a crewmate streak of 32 that lasted a couple of days and redditor u/nerdjoe had a crewmate streak of 61. The game isn’t very fun in either of these situations.

As the game grew, more mods were added to make the gameplay more exciting, but it got boring very soon.

People play Among Us because they can play detective and test their lying skills, and I believe that adding zombies and reindeers and witches takes away from the original game, which is already below its peak.

When the game first came out I, and most likely many others, expected it to last a long time, but after its short life span of less than a year, it’s time to say goodbye to the greatest game of 2020 and move on to greater things.