Fonseca Finishes with Finesse


Courtesy of Guadalupe Fonseca

Fonseca is active in various clubs and sports at Valley. Her involvement had brought her a lot of success academically.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Guadalupe Fonseca has found her passion and has used this to find success nationally.

Fonseca is the vice president of Community Service for Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates, an active member of Valley Viking Scholars, and a soccer player. In her junior year, she was class president, and in her sophomore year, she was class vice president. Along with these extracurriculars, Fonseca worked in the school cafeteria, where she gained work experience and wages as well.

“Valley has shaped me as a person through several occasions in which I learned life-long lessons,” Fonseca said. “I learned that you will change as a person whether it’s for the good or bad. In middle school all we want is to be rich and popular one day; However, when high school comes around, everyone finds their passion. Some people want to succeed academically and will want to pursue a career, others will join the military, some may drop out, do drugs, go to jail, or get pregnant. I found myself through the personal experiences I went through.”

After high school, Fonseca aspires to become an immigration attorney. Her career goal was inspired by her dad’s experience with immigration law enforcement, an experience that Fonseca never forgot.

“I was only eight years old when I stood in front of a judge, in a courtroom, with a letter I had handwritten explaining that I was a good student and why my dad should not be deported,” Fonseca said. “I remember even asking for a letter of recommendation from my third grade teacher at the time, Mrs. Larimore, specifying my academic excellence. Fast forward a couple years, I was 11 years old at the time, when I went to court again in hopes that my father’s case would be closed. Fortunately, the judge had compassion for my family and we remained united. From that moment, when I was only eight years old, I realized the injustices that were being committed in this country against our undocumented immigrants.”

In a national conference for Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (J4NG), Fonseca was able to share her story and her career goals in a public speaking competition. At that competition, Fonseca won first place, a story that can be found here.

Fonseca is one of the vice presidents for Valley’s Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (J4NG). Last year, she won first place at the Career Development Conference. (Guadalupe Fonseca)

“My biggest achievement in school was winning first place in a state wide J4NG competition last year,” Fonseca said. “I won in the career exploration presentation at the Career Development Conference (CDC) for sharing my dream of becoming an immigration attorney to a crowd who called themselves the judges. I was nervous, but once I realized that I was talking about my passion, I felt much more relieved.”

After graduation from Valley with Advanced Honors, Fonseca hopes to go to college to not only get a Master’s Degree in law, but a Doctorate in law. She hopes to eventually open up her own law firm to serve those in her community who need representation.

“The hardworking parents who came here, seeking a better life for themselves and their children, were being deported to their home countries for being undocumented without the opportunity to legalize their status,” Fonseca said. “I want to be the person to grant freedom and hope to these hardworking immigrants who have contributed to the economy of this amazing country. I’ve learned that undocumented immigrants don’t have the voice or privileges that American citizens have. My dream is to become an immigration attorney and be the person to stand alongside them in the fight against deportation.”

During Fonseca’s freshman year, her eyes were not as set on her future as she is now. While her freshman aspirations do not align with her senior aspirations, she remembers how the things that were so important to her then seem so insignificant now.

“If I could tell my freshman self something, it would be to focus on myself and only myself. As a freshman I was so worried about fitting in with the popular kids while also trying to do good in school. Honestly now that I look back at it, its so dumb to want to have a lot of friends/followers on social media because at the end of the day, that wont benefit you in life. Whereas if you work toward your dreams, you will achieve everything and anything you want because change starts with you.”

Fonseca may have her eyes already on the future, but she says that the lessons she learned at Valley are ones that will last her entire lifetime.

“I stopped having a large group of friends and started becoming more involved with the programs I was in and in my education. I saw my life reflected through my work; if I did the minimum, I would be the minimum, but if I worked toward my goals, I knew I would live the life I have always wanted.”