Vikings Valued for Efforts


Quinn Pedrick

Valley celebrates exemplary Vikings of the months of December and January. The celebration occurred February 3rd.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

The Viking of the Month ceremony was held on February 3rd for both December and January students who showed exemplary behavior in their classes.

Students who received the Viking of the Month award in the months of December and January were welcomed into a Google Meet to celebrate their accomplishments with competitive trivia, prizes, and words of encouragement from Valley administration. Any student who shows the Viking Values in their virtual classroom is eligible to receive the award of Viking of the Month. The Viking Values are being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Succeed, and demonstrating such behaviors equates to a true Valley Viking.

“[Earning Viking of the Month] makes me feel good about myself and all the work I did,” junior Viking of the Month Lisa Norris said. “This celebration means a lot to me to be honest, and I bet it means a lot to other students as well. A person doesn’t always get appreciation and thanks for what they do on the regular, and when someone sees it and acknowledges it, it makes you want to do more and feel like someone cares about what you’re doing.”

Students who receive the honorable award are recognized for their efforts in the classroom during such an unknowing time. Valley administrators, teachers, and staff are making an attempt to make sure all students feel the recognition they deserve during a time in which the closest they can be is through a screen.

“Reflecting on the event and having that opportunity to be celebrated feels good,” junior Viking of the Month Dre Boyd-Weatherly said. “This is such a difficult year for many people, myself included, and it is sometimes really hard to find that motivation and drive under the current circumstances. A teacher told me that we don’t have to nor really can be the students we were last year. The students we were last year were students who were living in a different time. We were living in an academic environment that we had grown accustomed to for the entirety of our school lives. Now we’re doing things digitally, and although it’s hard, it’s allowing us to grow in an entirely new way. We as students have to realize that we’re doing our best, and events like these celebrate those accomplishments for being amazing students. I’m thankful, and I hope all students know that they’re killing it at online school, and to keep going, hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.”


Congratulations to the December and January Vikings of the Month:
Hanah Arucan
Cadet Angel Fernandez
Omid Haidari
Fernando Hernandez Melendez
Zach Lamb
Kai Lopez Cruz
Aa’mar Manor
Lisa A. Norris
Melitza Ramirez Pedro
Litzy N Rivas
Hamza Shimiyimana
Quinn’dalay Truitt
Victoria Urbina
David Abad-Barranco
David Alejandro Navarro
Alexandra Arellano
Jose Mendoza Arredondo
Princess Balolane
Josue Bedoya Mendoza
Dre Boyd-Weatherly
Alfred Cedrick Mejia
Schneider Corregidor
Nirel Gonzalez -Montes
Gabriela S Guadarrama Lopez
Elijah Howe
Xavier Marin
Patricia Mason
Elijah S. Moore
Gerardo Pereyra Jr
Ashley Reyes
Jasmin Rizo
Ki’macci Taylor
Pepsi Tong
Esther Zawadi