Thompson Takes the Lead Academically


Courtesy of Dasani Thompson

Thompson is a senior at Valley High School who has maintained excellent grades during distance learning. After Valley, Thompson hopes to be a professional chef.

Kahleia Corpuz, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Dasani Thompson has maintained Straight A’s during this entire distance learning period.

Thompson attended Western High School for two years before attending Valley. During his time at Western, he did bowling, and he had attempted to participate in the sport at Valley as well but COVID-19 restrictions took that away. While he was unable to do bowling, something that he loved, Thompson is also pursuing something else that he loves: the culinary arts.

“My plans after high school are to get a good paying job,” Dasani said, “and go to college/culinary school to become a professional chef, and open up my own restaurant by the age of 30-35 years old. I just decided to become a professional chef because I enjoy cooking a lot.”

During his time at Valley, Thompson claimed that his biggest obstacle was maintaining his straight A’s. However, through motivation from his family, Thompson was able to obtain straight A’s by turning in his work on time and coming to class every day.

“My family motivates me to do the best I can, and also, myself,” Thompson said. “I just keep going and going. I never give up. I was taught to never give up.”

While Thompson was only at Valley for about two years, he said Valley has changed him for the better.

“[Valley] has helped me by upholding the Viking Values we have,” Thompson said, “and just from the motivation and support from the staff and teachers at Valley.”

Thompson is not the only one who has noticed his adherence to the Viking Values. Principal Ramona Esparza met Thompson two years ago, and he has left a lasting impression on her ever since.

“I met Dasani two years ago, and I would see him in the hallways and ask him where he was headed,” Esparza said. “I knew that he was supposed to likely be in class, and so I would talk with him to find out how his day was going and which class he should be attending. He would also tell you that there were many distractions at school. He told me this school year that he was able to really focus on his school work with online learning. It is not necessarily his choice or any student’s choice with COVID currently, but what I am so impressed with and proud of most is that Dasani is doing well academically.”

Thompson’s success has not gone unnoticed, especially to the teachers and administrators who know him. To them, there is nothing Thompson cannot achieve.

“He has made the most of distance learning; he has been acknowledged with Positive Attendance and Straight A’s,” Esparza said. “He has chosen to excel in his studies and advocate for himself this year. He is respectful, responsible, and is already succeeding as a Viking. He is surely going to have a bright future ahead of him.”