Hispanic Pride Club Hosts Virtual Valentine’s Cafe


Kamiya Rodrigues

Poems were presented by Nayeli Cruz at the Valentine’s Cafe. They were translated into English for non-Spanish speakers.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Students participated in Hispanic Pride Club’s Virtual Valentine’s Cafe on February 10th, held through a Google Meet, so students and teachers could interact safely.

The cafe showcased songs, movies trailers, and poems in Spanish that were later translated in the Google Meet for those who don’t speak Spanish. Students then provided explanations about the movie trailers, songs, and poems that were presented. Some of the media presented were the movie The Fault in Our Stars; some songs, including “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi; and some poems, such as “Tu Mirar” by Clairel Estevez.

“Orgullo Hispano Club wanted to demonstrate this romanticism of Spanish, through movies, songs, and poems from the language and culture,” Martinez said. “The Spanish language is also considered a very beautiful language because of its smoothness in sound and cadence. It is very phonetic, with a lot of vowels that rise and fall creating a beautiful speech. The romanticism of the language makes it ideal to express love and friendship on Valentine’s Day.”

All students were welcome and encouraged to attend the event. Flyers were sent out notifying both students and staff, along with an agenda that was created to map out what was covered in the event.

“The main purpose of this café,” Martinez said, “is to let students and teachers know that Spanish is the ideal language to express love and friendship this Valentine’s Day.”