Garcia Becomes Valley’s New Building Manager


Philip Marsh

New building manager, Jason Garcia, stands in front of Valley’s gym. He has spent the last few weeks adjusting to Valley’s large campus and learning about all of Valley’s facilities.

Valeria Garcia Alcala, Reporter

Jason Garcia became Valley’s building manager officially on the 3rd of February and has wanted to be a building manager for a long time.

Garcia stated that he has worked custodial work his entire life, which is a quality that allowed him to get this job, and he is glad his years of hard work have finally paid off. Garcia also stated that he is very thrilled to begin and make Valley a cleaner and healthier place.

“I’ve been wanting to be a building manager for many years,” Garcia said. “I wanted to accept new challenges and be a great influence on my custodial crew, and make this school a clean and healthy environment.”

A building manager does many things, but their main job is running the custodial crew. As a building manager, Garcia also needs to make sure that all the needs of staff are met and that everything is cleaned properly.

“I have many duties, such as I submit work orders to the Maintenance Department, so everything is working properly in the school, as well as keeping the entire staff happy by keeping the campus clean, and much more as needed,” Garcia said.

Garcia plans to make sure all the staff members’ needs are met, and he also stated that if there are any issues from any staff member, he’d prefer an email so that way he can print the issue and find out what is needed to fix it. Along with this plan, he has many other things he plans on doing as the new building manager.

“My plan to be successful is to be dedicated, be here everyday, and stay late if I have to; therefore, all tasks are completed,” Garcia said. “I will take care of all needs as soon as possible unless it’s a maintenance issue that I’m not allowed to handle myself.”

Garcia stated that he has worked hard his whole life to get to this point and has stayed dedicated all the way, which is what helped him achieve his goal of being a building manager, and he advises other people who are trying to achieve this goal to do the same thing.

“My advice to anyone who wants to move up and be in my position, would be to work hard, show up on time, be dedicated, and don’t call off unless absolutely necessary,” Garcia said. “Overall, I’m very happy to be here and be a Viking!!!”