Medina Makes Way Toward the Future


Frankie Medina

Alumni Frankie Medina is currently pursuing her future by attending college and working toward her career goals. Medina was active in Student Intercouncil, Valley’s swim, and Thor’s Hammer.

Kamiya Rodrigues, Reporter

Alumni Frankie Medina is currently pursuing her future by attending college and working toward her career goals.

Medina graduated in the year 2020 and since then has done everything in her power to reach her academic goals. While attending Valley, Medina was in many extracurriculars and managed to not only excel in school but also affect the people around her, whether it was a student or teacher. As the former Thor’s Hammer editor-in-chief, she is now working hard to become a journalist/editor-in-chief.

“While Frankie was here, she was involved in several extra curriculars including journalism, student intercouncil, and our swim team,” teacher Natasha LeRutte said. “She balanced challenging coursework along with her extra curriculars, and she always made time to positively influence her peers and the staff who was lucky enough to interact with her. Now, she’s in college with a job in a new state, which is all so very exciting!”

Medina’s natural charm along with her optimism tend to draw others toward not only her but her energy as well.

“Frankie stands out because of her positivity and her grit. When Frankie was a student at Valley, I was always happy to talk with her about school, life, and what the future held for her,” LeRutte said. “She is an incredible, intuitive, and intelligent young woman who, I am sure, has exceeded her own expectations. She’ll see soon enough that she’ll have to create new dreams, because I know it will be easy for her to achieve her initial goals.”

After graduating, Medina moved to St. George, Utah to attend Dixie State University, majoring in media studies in order to pursue journalism later on in life.

“Some things I have accomplished since I graduated is moving away to college and getting a good GPA my first semester of college,” Medina said. “I’m hoping to become a journalist/editor in chief in the future for a magazine or a newspaper.”

Moving to another state is a drastic change in scenery as well as familiar faces. It is difficult to adjust to the new places and being so far from people who students are accustomed to. Lots of other students are also planning on moving to other areas to attend the college of their choosing. Medina, having gone to college and dealt with moving first-hand, knows what might help some students attempting to do the same.

“Tips I would give to students would be to be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Medina said. “Adapting into college and moving out of state is all about putting yourself out there and taking risks, but also it’s about being an adult with responsibilities.”

While attending college in Utah and keeping up with school work, Medina also kept ties with Valley and kept in touch with a few teachers. She keeps updated on Valley and how her former teachers are doing, and in return, they make sure to check in and see how she is handling college.

“My ties to Valley would have to be Mrs. Pedrick, Ms. LeRutte, and Ms. Hupp,” Medina said. “We definitely don’t talk as much as when we would see each other five days a week, but they still reach out and allow me to know that they, and Valley itself, are there for me no matter the circumstance.”

The people that have supported Medina have not only become a great source of inspiration but also have influenced her to help her become who she is today.

“Frankie accomplished a lot while she was a student, and I was so happy to be on the journey to college with her. Frankie became who she is today because of her positive outlook on life and her grit in overcoming several obstacles,” LeRutte said. “I would like to think she’s had some great support in her corner along the way to keep cheering her on. I know her auntie has been a huge influence, and I have had the pleasure of meeting her aunt and seeing her off on graduation day.”

Valley has affected Medina’s life in many ways but more specifically, Thor’s Hammer. Being a part of the Thor’s Hammer staff changed her outlook on what she wanted to accomplish later on in life. It not only helped her choose her path in life, but provided a safe space to confide in.

“Thor’s Hammer was somewhere and something I can go to and be myself. Moving around in high school was really hard, which made it even harder to make friends,” Medina said. “But, Thor’s Hammer gave me an amazing teacher, Mrs.Pedrick, and she will always hold a place in my heart. Thor’s Hammer also made me realize that majoring in Exercise Science was not what I really wanted to do, so I changed it to Media Studies, and I am very happy with it.”

When moving forward in life, Medina can look back at past years and see how far she has come and how much she has accomplished. Her teachers who motivated and cheered for her are still appreciated to this day for helping her on her path.

“Frankie is a strong young lady, and anyone who is able to be alongside her should soak up the honor,” LeRutte said. “I was one of the lucky ones, and I look forward to seeing her continue to succeed!”