SOT Addresses Strategic Budget and ACT Concerns


Quinn Pedrick

Valley’s School Organizational Team (SOT) approved the school’s 2021-2022 budget and addressed student and teacher concerns with the upcoming ACT. The meeting was held on Wednesday, February 10th, an irregular time, due to the need of approving the school budget before the plan was submitted to district leadership.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s School Organization Team held their meeting at an irregular time this month due to the need to discuss and approve the school’s budget for the following year.

On Wednesday, February 10th, the team met with the intention of approving the budget allocations and Strategic Budget of the 2021-2022 school year. The specifics of the information will not be released until the district approves the plan as well.

The Strategic Budget is the plan that determines where the school’s money goes throughout a school year. The budget of the current, 2020-2021, school year can be found here, and the simplified budget allocations can be found here as examples of how the following school year’s budget is to be laid out.

The School Organizational Team is responsible for approving the budget to make sure how the money is to be spent is being done rightfully so, and the SOT unanimously approved the budget as they saw no harm nor flaws. Now the school waits for the full approval from CCSD leadership before the budget is finalized.

“The SOT decides where our total funding will go for the next school, so for example, athletics, magnet programs, and other school related spending,” Chair Christina Ngyuen said. “We also go over how much money we have from the previous year that will roll over to the next. During this meeting, the team and myself go over each category that funding will be spent on. We allow for members of the SOT to ask questions and make comments on where/why funding is going to a specific area.”

As well as the budget, the plans for the upcoming ACT were discussed and clarified due to the concerns of the 11th grade chair of the team. Teachers also expressed their concerns, questioning if proctoring the test on February 23rd was to be mandatory.

Student Success Coordinator Natasha Lerutte responded to the ACT student safety concerns with information that claimed everything will perfectly meet CDC precautions with all desks and chairs six feet apart in all testing locations along with large facilities, like the gyms and library, also being utilized for social distancing.

As for the teachers’ concerns, per the Memorandum of Agreement between CCSD and the teacher’s union, it became understood that it is not mandatory for any teacher to proctor the exam. All proctoring will be by voluntary actions of each individual teacher.