Anime Club Holds Cosplay Livestream


Kahleia Corpuz

Anime Club has members dress up for cosplay livestreams. These events are the club’s way of interacting with their members.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Cosplay livestreams are one of the new ways Anime Club interacts with club members throughout the year, and the first livestream was held on February 10.

With the pandemic changing how people are interacting and how clubs are interacting, the livestream is a way that students can communicate and talk about anime or ideas related to it.

“I feel that having our first live stream is a good idea since others will get a chance to see that anime club isn’t just about watching anime! It’s also interactive despite being over the computer,” president Charlize Jackson said.

Members of Anime Club join the Google Meet where they can cosplay as any character and speak to students to enjoy and have a good time. There will be another Google Meet with cosplay coming soon.

“I’ll get into my Bowsette cosplay since it’s one of the easier ones and doesn’t require a lot of preparation,” Jackson said.

Their next upcoming cosplay livestream is going to be on March 10th on Google Meets for Anime Club where students can interact with each other with the computer and online.

“I had thought about the anime club in my sophomore year I believe,” Jackson said. “I made the anime club as a safe space and fun club for those who love anime but can’t seem to find other people who share the same interests. I attended an anime club in my middle school, so I thought it’d be a great idea to carry it over into highschool for others to enjoy as well since Valley didn’t have an anime club.”